Fantasy sports have gotten quite popular recently. Thanks to the exciting range of features they offer! And Gamezy is the best fantasy app for cricket fans that are interested in building their own cricket team and making some money through cricket.

Users earn points depending on their performance of the player they have chosen. You could play matches to get a chance to win exciting prizes. You could also join other fantasy sports app to participate in cricket and earn cash prizes. Here’s how to play fantasy cricket:

Step 1: Choose a Match

There are plenty of cricket matches that are conducted every day. From Indian Premiere League to Test matches, you can choose from different formats. Once you have chosen the match, hit the “Create Team” button.

Step 2: Build Your Team

This is the most crucial part of your fantasy cricket experience. You will find a plethora of sources, featuring information about different players, their past performances, current form and potential, pitch conditions, and other variables. This information will help you choose the best candidates for your sports fantasy team.

If you are playing on Gamezy, you will get credits that must be spent on the bowlers, batsmen, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders. You get to add a total of 11 players to the team. Some sports fantasy apps allow users to update their team until the match begins. In fact, you could add and remove members from your team after the toss.

Step 3: Join the Contest

Sports fantasy apps are free for all users. You could join it for free and enjoy the actions live on the go at any time and from anywhere. The winner of the contest will receive whopping cash prizes and other exciting rewards.

Step 4: Keep Yourself Up-to-date with the Live Scores

The specialty of the fantasy sport cricket app is that it allows users to monitor the live scores of the match on their mobile. You could participate in the match from just about any location. Whether you are chilling at home or taking a short break from work, join your favorite fantasy cricket app, build your team, and track the live scores. You also get an option to cheer your favorite players and monitor your fantasy scorecard, which is updated every few minutes.

Step 5: Earn Points

You will earn points for every run, wicket, stumping, and other actions. Every time your chosen player hits a boundary or scores a run, you will earn a fixed number of reward points for that. The point system in fantasy sport cricket varies depending on the app you choose. You will earn points for scoring half-centuries, full-centuries, taking maiden overs, and having a maiden over. Those who manage to score the highest points in the match will get the rewards. Note that players might also lose points if their strike rate is low or their economy rate hikes.

There you go! That’s how easy it is to get started with fantasy cricket.