You call it Acne, pimples or breakouts, all three of them have the tendency to create the same reaction of “OH MY GOD!”, followed by dozens of visits to the dermatologists, layers of applications, trying various products and finally would come to the panic state.

Acne can occur on your face, shoulder, back, upper arm or shoulders. Pus, boils, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts are all types of acne.

Though this is not a serious health issue and can happen to anyone from a teenager to a mother, for some it can really impact your social presence and confidence if you really care.

So are you also the one who has been very genuinely working hard to get rid of the breakouts but they for some reason tend to knock on your door again and again?

It is not really your fault you see. It is sometimes not very easy to judge the best for your skin with the number of products available in the market to choose from, with the way they campaign and make everything look perfect for you. Also, it is not only about the external application, it is many times about what you eat, your sleeping habits etc.

So, let’s see what can we do to help ourselves against this ‘ nightmare of many’.


  1. Lifestyle correction. Everyone has their own eating habits, sleeping habits, genes and lifestyle. This for many is 1 reason for having breakouts. For healthy skin and a healthy you in and out, you need to have proper sleep, eating habits and cleaning habits. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep up the nutrition of the skin.
  2. This rule goes without fail. You have to hydrate yourself inside out. Apply hydrating creams especially gel-based.
  3. Keep your Face Clean. With acne or without acne, you should wash your face twice a day. This rule becomes compulsory esp if you have acne-prone skin. Sweat, dust, makeup, dead skin and chemical applications all exaggerate the breakouts. Don’t over wash. You may splash cold water throughout the day if needed. Make sure you remove your makeup and sleep.
  4. Use Mild and Gentle Products. Chemicals are bad for your face. Use natural products which maintain the oil balance of your face and simultaneously clean well. The products you choose should be water-based and oil-free.
  5. Don’t touch your face often. You may unknowingly apply germs and spread the infection if you touch your face every now and then. Don’t even think of squeezing your pimples, it may leave marks and blemishes. Let your body do the needful of healing.
  6. If you use a scarf or glares or if you have acne on your body, make sure everything you wear is cleaned properly. Avoid tight clothes. Wear breathable fabric.
  7. Avoid Make-Up. In case if it’s necessary try applying nice kohl and moisturizing, oil-free and chemical-free applications.
  8. No Harsh Exfoliators. Make sure if you exfoliate, it should be with a gentle and mild exfoliator with soft granules so that the skin is not damaged. Harsh exfoliators might lead to skin damage and blemishes. You should exfoliate to get rid of the blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin, but very carefully and gently.
  9. Direct exposure to the sun might cause redness, irritation and inflammation to the skin. Wear an oil-free water-based sunscreen whenever you step out. Keep on re-applying regularly. Use UVA and UVB protecting sunscreen of at least SPF 30+.
  10. Use cooling applications like aloe vera, Mint, curd, or natural products with cooling effects on the skin. This relieves the soreness and redness of the acne and hydrates your skin.
  11. Meditate, work out and keep yourself happy. A stress-free life is not possible in today’s world. And stress is something that hampers your skin undoubtedly. So meditate, take off the stress and relax.
  12. Choose a brand that has vitamins a, c, and e in its formulation. Not only should your brand be antioxidant-rich, but even your diet should also be full of vitamins for healthy and shiny skin. Avoid junk and oily food with a high glycemic index.
  13. Use non-comedogenic They don’t clog your pores and avoid the formation of acne and pimples.
  14. Keep your hair clean, even excess dandruff-caused acne-prone skin, especially on the forehead.

Being gentle to yourself is the key. Maintaining a healthy skincare routine is what is essential for all and with a little extra care of what you choose to apply and eat, taking care of the acne is manageable too.

In case of excessive difficulty or problem, or things not being managed after a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the skin, you should consult a dermatologist and take antibiotics.