Faulty electrical wiring in your home is no laughing matter since it is one of the most common causes of residential fires. That’s why it is best to contact reputable Housing and Development Board or HDB electrical repair professionals at the first sign of faulty electrical wiring issues.

But how would you know that it’s time to call the said professionals? You simply need to perform the measures in the succeeding paragraphs.

Monitor circuit breaker

Home circuit breakers trip from time to time since that’s their primary function: shut off your power when the system becomes overloaded. In a lot of cases, when shut off, you can easily switch back on. However, if it trips every time, there’s a high chance that it needs to be replaced. Also, if there’s burnt smell coming out of the electrical panel, you need to have it checked by HDB electrical repair professionals for damaged wiring and other electrical wiring issues.

Be conscious of buzzing sounds or flickering lights

Just because your circuit breaker doesn’t trip doesn’t mean that there’s no problem with your electrical wiring. Other signs of damaged or outdated wiring are buzzing sounds on your outlets or flickering lights when several appliances are used. If you encounter any of these, you need to have wirings checked or require an HDB electrical services upgrade.

Be on the lookout for damaged wiring

Pets, rodents, and newbie electrical contractors may damage certain wirings in your home. That’s why it is best to be on the lookout for damaged wiring and call a tried and tested electrical professional since failure to do so may cause accidental fires. He or she may inspect, then replace damaged wiring to prevent them from happening. Along the way, he or she may also inspect for ancillary damage to ensure that your safety won’t be compromised in any way.

Check outlet points

Check your house’s outlet points for discoloration, scorching, and smoke. They may be signs that your house’s wiring has been damaged and released some form of heat. It is also good to check outlet points for vibrations without touching the wiring, of course. That heat and vibration can cause serious damage or lead to fires if not properly addressed by an electrical contractor.

Check wiring material

At present, copper wirings are the most reliable as well as conductive materials for electrical wiring. This was not always the case since in the past, aluminum wirings were used since they are cheaper, but not necessarily safer, since they corrode when they come into contact with copper. Plus, they tend to loosen after some time. So if you own an old house, it is best to make sure to have it checked by HDB electrical repair professionals to ensure that it already uses copper wirings.

Summing up

Faulty electrical wiring puts you and your loved ones’ lives at risk because of the high probability of electrical fires. So, if you want to make sure that your welfare is not compromised, then perform the aforementioned measures. If there is a complex issue that you can’t address, then it’s best to hire a HDB electrical repair company.