Before protecting your furniture from termites you need to know what termites actually are and where they are found and why are they a threat? Basically, termites are small pests, also known as wood eaters, they live in colonies and can be easily found in your house.

There are different types of termites present, but the two main termites that destroy your wooden furniture are — plywood termites and subterranean termites. Plywood termites can be seen only in wooden areas but subterranean termites can be present in both soil and wooden areas. They are mainly found in dark areas, and the moist atmosphere is best for them to survive.

Based on recent reports, most houses and offices in Dubai are infected by termites due to the hot region, which makes it a suitable breeding ground. So, to treat them either you can book a service from the best carpenter in Dubai, or try some measures that will act as a buffer, till the professional help arrives.

Measures you can Implement to Control the Damage to your Furniture

To control the termites you need to first identify the particular place where termites have attacked. Check whether there is any wooden hole and if it is falling or not. If it is, then be sure that termites are there. If a mud-like tube structure is forming on the walls, then the reason behind it is termite attack.

After identifying the termite, now try to get rid of it. If you have a heavy workload, then you can take professional help or seek the best custom furniture in Dubai agency. But, prior to that, below are some ways or measures to destroy termites.

  1. Try to clear out moisture to protect furniture

To protect your furniture from termites try to avoid the presence of moisture in your house. Moisture can be one of the main reasons why termites are destroying your furniture. While cleaning your furniture try to use a dry cloth and avoid using water. Make sure you have facilities for adequate and proper ventilation in your house. If you have any pipe leakage or damp water source, repair it as soon as possible. This is the best place for the termites to develop and breed.

  1. Keep your furniture away from soil contact

The most important way to keep your furniture safe is by keeping your furniture away from soil contact. Because any kind of contact with soil can be a way through which termites can attack your furniture. If you have a garden, try to create a barrier between the soil and your furniture, with stone or concrete. Any kind of barriers will not allow the termites to spread further.

  1. Use anti-termite chemical

You can use anti-termite chemicals to prevent termite on your furniture. But, it is recommended to use the herbal one only. The herbal anti-termite is odorless and non-toxic. Always remember, your health comes first. After the carpenter has made certain changes, it is advised to apply an anti-termite chemical and leave the plywood for 6-8 hrs to dry. It will help to stop the termites. You can recommend carpenters in Dubai for the best work.

  1. Keep your furniture under sunlight

The most basic thing you can do, if your furniture is infected with termite, is to place the infected part under direct sunlight. This way will not only help to dry the wood but also kill all the termites. You need to do this for a minimum of 3-4 days. It works as a natural disinfectant.

  1. Try out some homemade remedies 

Trying out homemade remedies can be one of the smartest moves. Below are some of the points that might help you out –

  • Aloe vera gel

Applying aloe vera gel can be one of the best remedies to solve your problems. It helps to eliminate termites. Draw out the gel from aloe vera leaf and rub it on the furniture. This will create a thick coat which will help you to keep your furniture safe.

  • A mixture of vinegar and olive oil

For this remedy, you need one-part of white vinegar with four-part olive oil. Mix it properly, and then apply it evenly on your furniture. It will help to push back the termites and will keep your furniture safe and in a proper state.

  • Natural oil

You can use a natural oil to kill termites. Natural oil includes orange oil, neem oil, mint oil, etc, which are very effective. Mix the essential oil with one-gallon water and spray it on the infected part of your furniture. Orange oil has d-limonene when sprayed on the infected part it, comes in direct contact with the termites and destroys them completely.

  • Borax solution

It is another remedy that is very effective. It is used to control termites and kill them before they destroy your furniture completely. For this remedy, you have to use warm water with one spoon of borax powder. As borax releases harmful gases, wear a mark to keep yourself safe. Then, spray the mixture on the affected part and wait awhile to see the result.

  • Use Salt

Another simple way to get rid of termites is, you can use borate salt. Use natural borate salt; it doesn’t release any toxic gas, so it is safe for your health. If you see any small colonies of termites, you can sprinkle them over it. Another way is that you can mix warm water with salt and spray over it. It will help you to get rid of termites.

  1. Pest control services

You can take help from the best pest control service. Every one or two years get your pest control done, it can be a very smart move. You can also call for the best carpenter in Dubai to help you out. They give effective service and use strong solutions to treat the termite. For the best pest control service, you can go through reliable references. It is the best precautionary.


So, these are some of the measures you can implement to get rid of termites. Termites are quite hard to determine until they have done any damage. They live in colonies and can destroy your furniture and walls. Try to get rid of them, as soon as you see the termites damaging your furniture. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to destroy them with the above ways, then you can take the help of professionals or any carpenter in Dubai. They have effective solutions to stop the spread of termite in your furniture.

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