Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of breaking the glass tube of your vape? This can be quite painful for a true vape-lover. You need to be very careful as if you drop the vape on the floor, there is a high probability that the glass will break and the e-juice will spill all over the floor. 

It can be quite complicated to change the glass, which is why this blog is here to help you out in replacing your broken vape glass tube.


Breakage is one of the reasons why many good vapes come with Pyrex glass. It is very tough, but almost every one of us has managed to smash it at least once. This means that almost every vaper has been through it. 

According to some of the vapers, they have experienced tiny but extremely sharp glass debris after inhaling from the tip. This depicts how important it is to replace the broken vape glass tube properly.

This blog contains a series of steps that can help you out in replacement. Those steps are listed below:

Remove The Remnant Parts From Your Base Hardware

When you crack a glass container, certain pieces stay on the foundation hardware. In order to mount a new vape glass tube, you need to cut these glass pieces. Be very cautious when removing it, as these glass bits may be sharp, and you can potentially cut your hands in the method.

Make sure to look at the tiny glass pieces so that you do not miss out on any residual pieces. It can also be recommended to wear gloves while replacing the glass tube so that you can protect yourself from any possible cuts.

Clean The Vape Glass Tube Thoroughly With Water

Wash your vape properly since there can be very small glass particles in the base hardware, drip tip, or even within the coil. It is, therefore, suggested that you rather replace the coil with a new one. 

Make sure your basic hardware, drip tip, and top hardware are clean of any glass fragments. In addition, cut the o-rings and rinse with the help of soap. This is the perfect way to make sure your vape glass tube is safe.

Replace The Coil Of The Glass Tube

It is highly recommended to replace the coil once the glass tube is broken, as you might miss out on certain pieces of glass with a naked eye. Numerous people have claimed that you experienced a sharp glass going into their throat. This is the best step that you can do, in order to protect yourself from the pieces of glass.

Make Sure Everything Is Glass-Free

The most critical part about replacing the broken vape glass tube is the removal of small glass pieces. If you do this part successfully, you have achieved 50 per cent success in this task. The rest is comparative easier steps. Double verify that there are no glass fragments left with your vape. Often, as you mount a new vape glass tube, you’ll hear a smash of tiny shards of glass. If this is the scenario, disinfect all areas of the container again with soap and water.

Vacuum The Floor

When the vapour falls on the floor, it not only breaks the glass tube, but it also spills the e-juice, over along with the debris of glasses. It is recommended to use a vacuum to clean the floor, as certain glass particles can stay back on the floor even after mopping.

Vape tanks can be treated with caution. However, often there are injuries. Typically, Aspire vaping systems come with second Pyrex glass, in case you crack the one mounted. Follow a tutorial to securely repair the damaged one.

In order to be on the safe side, make sure that you are on a sceptical lookout for the glass pieces in the room where you broke the glass tube, especially if you have kids at home. These pieces might be able to escape your eyes due to transparency. Hence, try to recheck for the pieces of glasses repeatedly.

Once you have followed the above-listed tips, you are good to enjoy your vapour again with a new coil and glass tube.