There are many mistakes you can easily make when you’re trying to cash your car.

After all, you probably don’t go around buying and selling cars twice or three times a week…

It’s something you probably do once or twice in your whole life.

And if you don’t know what exactly you are doing, you’re going to realize that selling your car is a troublesome process.

But since you won’t prefer finding that out on your own…

Here are some of the mistakes you’re probably going to make so you can avoid them…

Not Doing Your Research

Of course, you want to get a good deal for your beloved car, but that can’t happen if you don’t know the value of your car in the market currently.

Many and more websites can tell you how much your car is worth according to its condition and the place you want to sell it in… mostly these websites are car buying agencies’ websites and they’re planning to buy your car from you… and that might come of help if you want to sell your car quickly.

What else you can do is ask about other cars of the same model or same year release being sold and ask people around you for expected prices… pretty much do all you can to understand how the market is going.

Taking Your Car for Inspection and Repairs

Unless there’s something visually disastrous about your car, don’t fix it!

That’s because you’re probably going to pay more for fixing your car than what you’re going to get for selling it.

Remember, your potential buyers are people who know the car is used and aren’t looking to pay extra. That means they come prepared to drive a car with minimal issues. They expect to see problems.

However, you probably will want to fix a paint scratch, a broken headlight or glass, a missing rim… all things like that drive the buyer back and if it didn’t stop them from paying what you’re expecting to get from your car, it’ll stop them from buying in the first place.

So, keep this rule in the back of your head: “if it’s not visibly disastrous, don’t fix it.”

Not Taking Good Pictures of Your Car & Writing Specs

High-quality pictures are a must.

When you want people to buy your car, you need to post high-quality pictures online and you need to include every part of its interior and exterior so that people will know what they’re in for.

That will save you so much time because people won’t have to call you and ask you about the car, or even walk away from the deal when they see something they didn’t expect to see.

Also, you need to write everything about the car in the post… its CCs, options, mileage, make and model, trim, add-ons, every detail is useful so you can save yourself and people the time of unnecessary phone calls.

Also, some people just don’t go ahead and call you or ask about your car if they don’t see everything they need in your post.

You don’t want to lose any potential buyers.

Not Being Aware of Scammers and Kidnappers

You’re going to meet someone you don’t know. You never know what might happen…

Make sure you decide where the meeting takes place and where the test drive goes. The best place for that would be someplace where there are a lot of people and security cameras overlooking the street.

Another good idea is to text someone you know before you start the test drive and tell them what you’re doing, so they can reach out and probably help in case of emergency.

Also, you have to keep an eye out for scammers, people you who would try to buy your car for fake bills… yes, they exist outside of movies.

Be aware of fake checks. Your best bet here is taking the money in cash or having the transaction done at the bank.

Make Sure You Research the Papers You Need

You have to know what papers do you need to complete the transaction in your own country… ask someone who had recently bought or sold a car themselves.

Or research it on the internet.


Those are the most common mistakes you’re going to make when you’re selling your car, take care and stay safe.

Author: Anshed Mulla

Anshed Mulla is the Managing Director of Sell Your Motors in the UAE. Sell Your Motors is a company that offers car buying services in Dubai.

For over 10 years, Sell Your Motors has been a noteworthy company in the automobile trading industry; offering professional purchasing services that reached thousands of people in the UAE.