The creative process of presenting food in an appealing way can make a food item look appetizing. When it comes to presentation of any kind of food like pasta, one of the greatest conundrums we have is what tableware to serve it in. Should it be in a ceramic bowl or a ceramic plate? The selection of the right tableware depends on various factors while most of them are operational, a lot of it depends on the personal preference of the person serving it.

The whole process of cooking and it’s presentation thereafter and the choice of tableware leans on the creative side. Let’s look at some of these reasons that would help you make the right decision:

How to Determine Which Tableware is Best for Serving Pasta

The rule of thumb: form follows function meaning that you need to consider some operational needs that will lead to an effective decision that goes beyond the appearance. This applies both to the pasta plates and pasta bowls.

Here are some of the operational needs you might consider

  • The portion size of your pasta entrée is important to determine the appropriate size dinnerware to support the pasta regardless of you choosing a pasta bowl or a plate.
  • If you are planning to offer a different size for lunch vs dinner vs a kids meal then you may need different dinnerware to support all these needs.
  • Whether you are serving individual or family-style dishes is also an important consideration since family-style dishes normally require rather larger dinnerware and larger oval platters which would help to serve a lot of family-sized dining items.
  • If there are any sauces that need serving it’s good to use a bowl that has elevated rims so they don’t leak off the plate.
  • If your pasta requires some cutting, choose a plate. If the ingredients are already bite sized then go for a pasta bowl.
  • If you want to present the pasta in a certain way that enhances it’s perceived value then you should try serving it in a pasta bowl that has a wider rim.
  • Depending upon whether you want to serve pasta for your personal use only with just 1-2 servings then go for the existing utensils like pasta plates that you have at home. However, if you want to serve pasta entrées for business purposes, you should consider choosing a bowl that would enhance the presentation of your menu.
  • Your choice will also depend on the amount of storage room you have in the storage area, dish room, or on the cooking line. If there isn’t enough space then try to keep your tableware numbers to a minimum and also choose something that is versatile you can use to serve multiple items.
  • If your tablewares are stored nicely and there are hardly any breakages then you can choose to invest in premium ceramic pasta bowls that enhance your food presentations.

The Art of Serving Pasta: Bowl vs Plate

If you choose to serve pasta in a bowl, it would help you create a rather strong presentation by elevating the appearance of the food and allows for more food ingredient options. It is relatively easier to make pasta entrées look attractive in a bowl. Moreover, the shape of the bowl will let you nest the pasta into a beautiful mountain and add a little garnish on top to get you that appealing presentation.

Additionally, bowls that come with wide rims draw attention to the food by creating a perfect canvas. Take a look at Thevasa Kypelo Pasta Bowl Blue that is sure to complement any culinary creation. 

*Avoid using soup bowls since they usually run too deep for serving pasta. On the other hand, large sized low-scale bowls are a good fit. 

A plate will offer you more flexibility to add other items on your plate but then it makes it easier for the items to drop off the plate into your lap. Despite that, you can still create a beautiful presentation out of pasta by placing it nicely on a plate.  The same becomes intriguing if you have a nice designer plate that has an interesting colour or design. IF you are leaning towards plates then go for wide oval or round plates that makes the application of pasta easier. However, here are some words of wisdom- avoid oblong shaped plates that make your pasta look too spread out.

Other visual elements like the shape, texture, colour, design, and depth of either of the two pasta bowls or pasta plates can have a huge impact on your presentation. Adding certain themes for instance an Italian theme with the pasta will be accented by the use of pattern designs in some dinnerware. If you are looking to offer a more family-styled option then large display pieces in tableware that come in cool, interesting new shapes and colours would be a good choice. If you lean toward a more traditional or simple presentation then an elegant yet contemporary style of crockery gives you much room to play with. 

Take time while making a purchase choice between a pasta bowl and plate while keeping in mind all the operational and creative aspects and enjoy your meals in some modern yet minimal designs that would accent your pasta presentation!