Guys, listen up! Women are often better at this sort of thing, so pay attention! Here are ten essential men’s clothing purchasing and wardrobe fashion tips:

  • Catalogs are a good place to start.

If you’re new to putting outfits together, the first step is to subscribe to or otherwise receive many men’s apparel catalogues. This is the easiest approach to figure out what clothes work well together and which ones look ridiculous. Register for LL Bean, Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, and any other clothing catalogue that interests you. Examine the costumes in the catalogue, then take out any pages that appeal to you. If you don’t want to buy the clothes from that store, simply take the page to a store where you do shop and see what you can discover. If you have a photo of what you want, it will assist the store workers find it for you.

  • Shop with caution.

If you like something and it fits wonderfully, buy several of it, perhaps in different colours. Sign up for their email list if you like the clothes in a certain store or catalogue, because that is where most sales are announced. Solid-colored clothing is generally a safer bet than prints and will last longer in your wardrobe; prints on pants are nearly impossible to match and are almost never a good decision. Keep the receipt until you are certain you want the item and don’t remove the tags as soon as you arrive home. Finally, while wonderful clothes might be found on sale racks from time to time, keep in mind that things end up there for a purpose.

  • Purchase Fitting Clothes

You should be able to tell whether your garments are too tight. However, determining whether the clothing are too big requires a little more dexterity. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you will appear as big as your clothes. You will appear two sizes fatter if your clothes are two sizes too large. That is something that no one desires. With properly tailored plus-size clothing, everyone, including huge males, looks a hundred times better. Shirts should skim the body without becoming bulkier in one area than another, and they should, above all, fit well around the shoulders. Short sleeves should be loose enough around your arms so you can get a finger or two beneath the cuff unless you are built and have no choice. Hands should not be covered by long sleeves. When standing up, your pants should not bunch up at the crotch and should not touch the soles of your shoes. Pleated pants make no one look nice, although they do make certain individuals look “less bad.” Purchase pants with a flat front. And, for Pete’s sake, your underpants should not be visible. Pants that are too big on no one look nice on anyone, and they look even worse when they fall down.

  • Remember to Hem

So many guys fail to have their pants hemmed properly, if at all, despite the fact that it is such an easy task. It’s not expensive to have done, but it instantly improves the appearance of your pants and prevents them from fraying at the bottom, which looks dreadful. Pants that fit but are just a smidgeon too long are always preferable than pants that are just a smidgeon too short, because the extra mite can be hemmed off. Find a local tailor and try on your trousers for the tailor – check Yelp or Angie’s List for suggested local services and professionals, or ask the ladies in your office. He’ll measure and pin them for you, and you’ll have your perfect-length pants in a few days. For a simple job, this is usually less than $10, and it will save you money in the long term. Tailors aren’t just for hemming pants; they can also take in the sides of a shirt if it’s too loose, and they can trim sleeves that are too long, especially on jackets.


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  • Pick colors that you like.

Don’t be concerned about whether or not a hue suits you. As long as the colour isn’t sickly, most colours look great on everybody. (Avoid puce, chartreuse, or any other colour that reminds you of puke.) If you’re self-conscious, don’t buy pink or purple – they’re OK in terms of colour, but an uneasy, ill-at-ease man is never in style. If you’re really bad at matching, just choose a handful of hues and buy everything in those colours. In high school, I had a classmate who was colorblind, so all of his shirts were green, blue, or white, and he only wore khakis and jeans. It was fantastic!

  • Never put on all black.

It isn’t a slimming product. It simply gives the impression that you don’t have any other garments on. If you’re wearing a black shirt, don’t wear black pants with it. You are misguided if you believe you look better this way. In fact, you should never wear a top and bottom that match. This makes you appear to have purchased your wardrobe from Gymboree. If you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo, the only exemption is if you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo.


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  • Remember to bring your belts and shoes.

Wearing a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa is not a good idea. Because men don’t get to wear many accessories, make sure the ones you do have are stylish. (And sure, even if it serves a purpose, a belt is an accessory.) A fine flat black leather belt (a continuous, single piece of leather with no braiding, stamping, or other ornamentation) and a pair of nice black leather shoes should be owned by every man. And don’t forget to polish them! Wearing these with dark-wash jeans and a button-down is a wonderful date outfit that will make you look put-together!


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