A quadratic equation is most commonly expressed as ax2+bx+c, where a≠0. While the values of the coefficients (a, b, c) are known, you need to find the value of the variable x. Now, there are plenty of quadratic equation solvers available on the internet, which can Math Homework Help you solve the equation in an instant. However, for the sake of learning, you must learn the 4 main methods of solving a quadratic equation:

  1. Using the quadratic formula:

One of the simplest ways of solving a quadratic equation is to use the quadratic formula to find the value of x. The formula is expressed in the following way:


All you need to do is simply put the value of the coefficients in the formula and then calculate the value of x. A majority of academic essay help prefer this method over others as it offers quick results.

  1. The factoring method:

In order to solve the quadratic equation in this method, you need to create a factor chart for all factor pairs or c. As you may know, a factor pair is just two numbers that Multidimensional Scaling and offer c.

  • Out of all the factor pairs from step 1, find the pair (if there is any) that adds up to b. In case the pair does not exist, you need to either complete the square or use the quadratic formula.
  • Insert the pair you get in step 2 into binomials.

Now, solve each binomial for zero to find the solutions of the quadratic equation. Read more ama referencing

  1. Completing the square:

With this method, we are able to find the last term of a perfect square trinomial. A perfect square trinomial can be described as a polynomial that you get by squaring a binomial. Here are a few examples of binomials (x+2), (x-3), etc. If you are given a perfect square trinomial, such as x2+2x+1, you can simply solve the solution as the equation equals (x+1)2. This method does not work for the quadratic equations that are not perfect square trinomials. Know About Fraction Calculator 

  1. Factor by grouping using the “ac” formula:

The “ac” method is a systematic method that uses factoring by grouping. The steps go like this:

Let’s say you have a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c.

  1. Find out the product of a⋅c (the coefficients in a quadratic equation).
  2. Find what factors of a⋅c sum to b.
  • Ungroup the middle term to become the sum of the factors found in step 2.
  1. Group the pairs.

You can have a better understanding of these methods if you practice them yourself. So, try out all these methods to see which one seems easier to perform. Other info study help