Gardening is a way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and spend time with family and friends. Gardening is also an excellent hobby for people that don’t want to commit all of their free time or money into it.

How To Start Gardening At Home

Tired of spending your weekends at home? Not interested in quitting your day job just to make more money? Don’t have much spare cash lying around? You’re not alone! The average American spends about $700 on gardening annually-but you can be a successful gardener without breaking the bank.

Decide what you’d like to grow

The garden is the perfect place to grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers and more. Whether you have a large yard or just a small planter on your balcony, there are plenty of options for all gardens.

Also, What plant would you like to grow in your garden this year? What if I told you that there is a way to grow plants without the use of soil, water, or sunlight. This method is called hydroponics and it’s been around for centuries.

Plan your garden beds

A well-designed garden bed can be the difference between a beautiful, thriving outdoor space and an eyesore. Here are 6 tips for planning your garden beds.

Start with the plants you want. For example, if you want to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce or cucumbers then choose a planter that will suit these needs (e.g., one large enough to accommodate tomato vines). If you have children who love to play in the dirt then look for raised beds that will keep them from getting dirty when they kneel down and plant their flowers.

Test your soil

The soil in your garden matters. It can make or break the health of your plants and vegetables. To keep your garden healthy, you should test it for pH levels to find out what’s going on with the nutrients and minerals in the dirt.

This is where a soil test kit comes in handy!

Prepare the soil

The first thing to do is to prepare the soil. If you have a garden, it’s best if you get someone else to till up your ground for you. You can also rent a tiller from many hardware stores or home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes.


If you are looking for a way to grow your own food, or just want some fresh greens on the table this summer, then we have got everything in this article about how to start gardening at home. Whether you live in an apartment building with no outdoor space or simply don’t know where to begin, there is something here for everyone. 

We will show you what tools and techniques work best depending on whether you’re planting seeds indoors, outdoors (in pots), or directly into soil outside. In addition to giving advice that can help anyone succeed as a gardener from beginner level all the way up through expert status – including tips like which plants should go together when they share similar needs – we also provide links throughout our guide.