Most of us have that love-hate romantic relationship with this lipsticks-we love how they are able to completely transform our look, but hate it if they crease, bleed and flake. You understand you’ve effectively cracked the code to flawless lipstick application when it doesn’t bleed at all-but, unfortunately, that seldom happens. When you are reaching out for tissues all the time during the course of your day ‘coz your lipstick just won’t stop bleeding, this history is for you.

Lipstick bleeding or perhaps feathering is actually when it leaks more than the corners of the mouth area. While you’re trying to attain neat edges with utmost precision, it actually smudges (over time, if not instantly) and leaks out from the lip line. Scroll right down to read about all the ways you can stop that from occurring and make it previous longer…

Use a lip primer
While some people prefer applying foundation or concealer as a base for the lipstick to sit on, the texture of it can get quite crusty and cakey and the finish item won’t be as satisfactory as you want it to be. We recommend taking a lightweight lip primer that provides for a smooth basic for the lipstick to take a seat on. Make sure that your lips are carefully exfoliated and hydrated before you do that.

Hydrate them
Ensure that you smear a generous sum of a hydrating lip balm all over your lips (don’t disregard the corners). Utilize the same lip balm only a little beyond your lips to keep the area surrounding the border of your lips hydrated also. Often, that’s the area that flakes the most and causes cracking, which lets the lipstick nearby the area to bleed easily.

Line your lips
Before you get started to fill them with lipstick, use a lip liner (of the same shade, of course) to draw a neat, precise outline over your lips. In that case, fill all your lips lightly with the lip liner for strong colour buildup. The sharp suggestion of the lip liner can make sure your lipstick doesn’t bleed or budge outside of the line.

Use a brush to use
Even immediately after using the lip liner, you’re under confident about filling the lips because possibly the lipstick is too rounded, apply a brush with an accurate tip to apply it. The brush can help you get into the sharpened corners of your lips conveniently. Then, use a set or an angular brush to apply concealer externally of the lips to completely clean the area up.

The ultimate step is to get rid of any excess product that you may have applied. When there is excess product, the lipstick will surely bleed. Do that by positioning a tissue paper on your lips, therefore, dip a powder brush into some translucent powder and lightly dust it over your lips. This will make sure your lipstick stays bulletproof.

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