With the advancement in technology, the electronic component industry has also seen massive growth. Manufacturers require different parts and components to give shape to their ideas and escalate the world towards advancement. It is for this purpose that they require the services of an electronic components distributor. Purchasing the parts from these distributors will not be too heavy on your pocket as you have the right to get the parts in small quantities, and in some cases, it will not even cost you a dime. Besides this, the distributors present you with a large array of parts, therefore, you can choose whichever part you like. Thereby, granting you the liberty to be as flexible as you want with your design. Another added advantage of having a personal electronic components distributor is that they have parts stored. So, if there is any component that you require which is outdated or obsolete, an electronic components distributor may be able to provide you with that. Besides this, they also have multiple shipping options through which you can easily get the parts right on time.

Offer more to the customers

The competition between different electronic component distributors has risen to a great extent. It is because of this that many of the distributors have begun to add other services along with the distribution of electronic components. These services include custom design capabilities, kitting, just-in-time, and assembly as well as engineering services.

Assisting the original equipment manufacturers in their design

In the previous days, it was the job of the equipment manufacturers to educate the distributors about the parts that they have created so that they are better able to sell them to the customers. However, now the tables have turned. Today, the manufacturers have little to no contact with the companies in need of their parts, therefore, the task of acquiring the knowledge about the components falls on the shoulders of the distributors. The distributors must have a thorough knowledge of the components that they are trying to sell. Original equipment manufacturers may not always be entirely knowledgeable about the latest component technology or the products available to them. So, by offering value-added services original equipment manufacturers and distributors can both benefit greatly.

The original equipment manufacturer benefits because his focus is only on the design and production line as well as parts that are required by the customer. Whereas, a distributor with good knowledge about a variety of products may be better able to offer them an alternative that the original equipment manufacturer may not be aware of.

A distributor is exposed to many people from different industries in need of different parts. This makes them even more knowledgeable about the use of parts and the function they will be able to perform. It is for this reason, a distributor may be able to provide suggestions and different design ideas to avoid costly designing mistakes.

Providing consultancy sessions to the designers/engineers

The distributors, with their immense knowledge about parts and different components, can use it to assist the designers. Their concerns regarding the environment or troubleshooting different problems can be addressed by the electronic component distributors as part of their services. The distributors can guide the engineers about the size, shape, mating solutions, and configuration of the unit and also inform the designer if they find any issues in the design and provide all the possible solutions to it.

All in all, an electronic components distributor cannot be all things at once. Therefore, it is necessary that a distributor finds his forte and aim to provide quality services to his clients.