Malwarebytes antivirus is one of the best top features which provide excellent tools and services for device and network security. Malwarebytes plans are available for Windows, Mac, and Smartphone. Malwarebytes also provides multi-license features on various plans. When you use multiple devices then purchasing a multi-license Malwarebytes setup with Product Key is a better option. You can easily manage the safety of all the devices with one subscription plan. Once you install Malwarebytes on a primary device then you can easily share the setup on other devices.

Malwarebytes offers good security services but many people also get some issues related to this antivirus. Malwarebytes not opening is a common issue that is reported by many Malwarebytes users. When they click on the Malwarebytes icon from the desktop; the Malwarebytes dashboard does not open. This error can occur due to many reasons. But sometimes you can get this error due to a runtime error. Close all the running programs and restart your device. Now click on the Malwarebytes icon from the screen and check whether the Malwarebytes dashboard appears or not. If you are still unable to access Malwarebytes antivirus then try other solutions.

Remove junk from your device

Some junk files can also corrupt your processing. Junk such as temporary files, caches, and cookies, etc can create conflict on processing. Whenever you get an error like Stop Malwarebytes Popups then remove junk files from your device. You can remove the junk from the device one by one. You can also use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to remove the junk from the Windows device. Here are the steps for removing accumulated junk from Windows:

  • Open the Windows device
  • Hover your mouse to the Start menu
  • Type command on the search bar
  • Hold the ctrl key and shift key from the keyboard
  • A permission box will appear
  • Click on the Yes button
  • A command prompt will appear on the screen
  • Type cleanmgr on the command screen
  • Press the Enter button

The disk cleanup tool of Windows will run on the device. This tool will take some time to check your files. Wait until you will get a list of items on the screen. Check the whole list and check the boxes you want to remove. Click on the Remove button. Now restart your Windows PC and click on the Malwarebytes icon. If your Malwarebytes is still showing you an error then seek other solutions.

Use Malwarebytes Remove and Reinstall tool

This error can also occur when your Malwarebytes program files get corrupted or you have deleted some Malwarebytes files mistakenly. In this case, reinstalling the Malwarebytes antivirus will resolve your issue. You can use Malwarebytes Remove and Reinstall tool for reinstalling Malwarebytes antivirus on your device reliably.

  • Search for Malwarebytes Remove and Reinstall tool
  • Tap the Download button and save the file on the desktop
  • Run the setup file
  • EULA page will appear on the screen
  • Read the agreement and hit the Agree button
  • Press the Remove and Reinstall button
  • Hit the Continue button

Now restart your device and follow the on-screen commands for reinstalling Malwarebytes on your device.