Printing a document is an integral part of an organization as it enables you to keep a manual database for future reference.

In most organizations, HP printers are used as a device to print documents. Though HP is a big software brand, there are some cases where you may find the printers are not working properly and showing some errors. One such commonly found error is the HP Printer Error 59.F0

Causes of 59.F0 Error HP Printer

Error Description

HP printer error 59.F0 signifies an internal motor issue. It is normally caused by a transfer alienation failure. In this situation, the ITB is stuck and is unable to rotate. Another reason can be the problem with the SR9 sensor. The SR9 sensor is the primary transfer-roller-disengagement sensor, which is also known as Sensor K.

Try These First

Before you opt for an advanced technical solution to get rid of the error, there are some recommended actions that you can consider. These include:

  • Reset Printer
  • Remove Surge Protector

If the error still persists, follow the advanced technical tricks to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps HP Printer Error 59.F0

Fixing HP Printer Error 59.F0

The steps to be followed to fix the printer error are listed below:

1. Reset the ITB
2. Check the connections:

  • To primary transfer-roller-disengagement sensor i.e. SR9 at connector J19
  • To the DC controller PCA i.e. connector J128

3. If the error still continues, remove the ITB completely and manually test the ITB gear and flag. To achieve this, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Rotate the gear. Check if the flag actuates while the white gear is turned.
  • If the flag is found damaged or has an issue, replace the ITB

4. If the ITB gear and flag is properly working, the next thing to be checked is the Sensor SR9. You need to go for the Manual Sensor Test for this. The steps are here:

  • Remove the ITB, if reinstalled after performing Step 3
  • Locate Sensor SR9 inside the ITB cavity
  • Browse to the Control Panel
  • Press the Home button
  • Press the down arrow and highlight the Diagnostics menu
  • Click OK
  • Select Manual Sensor Test
  • Click OK
  • From inside the ITB cavity, press up and release the SR9 flag for sensor actuation
  • While pressing the flag, check the display on the control panel for sensor response i.e. under K
  • Check if the sensor toggles between 0 (normal state) and 1
  • In case the value doesn’t toggle between the range, replace the sensor
  • To stop the diagnostic, click OK
  • Select Exit Diagnostics
  • Click OK

5. Perform the nest test i.e. a fuser motor (M2) Component Test if the SR9 is found working properly. To do this:

  • Remove the fuser
  • Defeat the right door safety switch from the upper left area by inserting a stiff or folded piece of paper.
  • Defeat the right door logic switch using masking tape to hold the switch down
  • Further steps will be the same as Step 4’s c to f. Then select Fuser Motor
  • Click OK
  • Observe the fuser motor gear while performing the test
  • If the test fails, replace the motor

6. If the Fuser Motor is working right, the last is to go for an ITB Contact/Alienation Test

  • Open the right-side door and remove the transfer belt assembly
  • Open the toner access door
  • Remove the Cyan cartridge
  • Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the little slot in front
  • Let the screwdriver inserted while you run the test
  • Go to the Menu bar
  • From the down arrow, select Diagnostics
  • Click OK
  • From the down arrow, select Component Test
  • Click OK
  • Again press the down arrow, highlight ITB Contact/Alienation
  • Press OK
  • Look at the little white gear, the alienation drive hub must rotate.
  • If you hear a clicking sound while performing the test, your Fuser Drive Assembly is damaged.
  • Replace the fuser-drive assembly

Replace the DC motor if none of the above suggestions works.

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