The two most popular brands of Android smartphones are HTC and Samsung. These companies have been in competition for years, but which is better? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not an easy one. Both brands offer different features that make them stand out from each other. So if you’re looking for a new phone, you should look at the features below before making your purchase decision.

The rivalry between these two manufacturers is always boiling, and the fans of both device brands are ready with a trolling discussion to add fuel on how much better one company or another was this year.

HTC vs. Samsung, which one should you buy? Tablets Wiki has written a complete article on this Topic. It’s not hard to decide if your next gadget is an HTC or a Samsung device! However, consider the latest gadgets released by both companies. We think that HTC sets a new bar for how these devices should be crafted beautifully with attention given every last detail in the design process (HTC).

Device Interface

It is always exciting to see what new phone companies will develop, but it can be disappointing when one company does not keep its promise. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released this year. It disappointed many because everyone said how innovative they were for having an altogether different interface than other devices in its line-up. Still looked very similar on the outside as before; just better animations throughout (which isn’t anything special). However, HTC took things even further by giving us something brand spanking.

Design Side

Samsung has been focused on packing its devices with more processing power and not paying attention to design. The Galaxy Series is a prime example: it’s all about the same plastic phone but in flashy packaging like you’d see at any Apple store.

HTC, on the other hand, does not have this problem because they give buyers more options by offering different materials such as aluminum or glass-backed bodies. This depends upon what consumers prefer most out of these two choices with their devices. Moreover, in contrast to rival firm Samsung telecommunications corporation., htc introduces many new products giving customers lots option about color styles & finish like metal anodized colors cases.

Camera side

The HTC U12+ was one of the most highly anticipated phones this year, and its dual-camera technology is finally here! The 12MP lens has a broader field that offers 2x optical zoom while also pairing up with 16mp4 to capture crisp photos in any light. In addition, the output should keep readers engaged by vocalizing what they would do on their own accord.

The two brands offer 2x zoom, but there are differences in their designs. For example, the 12-megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S8 Plus allows for a wider aperture at f/2.4. At the same time, 16MP resolution is used by iPhone 7 plus, which also features larger pixels than its rivals to produce higher quality images with reduced noise levels when shooting indoors or darkness settings alike.

The difference lies in how these functions work – users can change their camera modes depending on what they want for an image (portrait vs. landscape) or even adjust individual settings like bokeh mode, which gives blurry backgrounds when taking pictures near lights. This helps make photos more interesting by showing something other than just plain clear skies.

More Details

The best-designed phone yet and hopefully the next one will be made by HTC too, is what you can say about their latest model -HTC One. From its gorgeous aluminum unibody to all those little details that make up for a stunning look, this smartphone has it in spades. You won’t find any other device with these features anywhere else but at your local carrier store.

The minute details on these devices bring a luxurious and classy feel. The lack of unnecessary features makes them stand out from other brands. Such as Apple who often includes more than needed in their products for the sake of being different, or Samsung’s less flashy but still impressive style that focuses solely on quality over quantity.

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The battle of the best processing phone is on! After reviewing HTC vs. Samsung, I found that people prefer using a better-looking device with more features. So if you’re looking for something in between these two brands, your next purchase should be at Apple’s App Store because they offer higher quality products than either company could provide by themselves.