Hyperbaric medicine (HBOT) has been consistently proven to help alleviate the impacts of certain conditions, here we will explore why it can help memory loss.

This alleviation comes from the implementation of oxygen, which allows for healing of injuries as well as improving conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Keep reading to understand how memory loss can be reduced from this condition.

The Improvement of Injuries

Brain injuries can come from a variety of things, whether you’ve sustained a concussion, or a specific injury to the brain that can lead to the development of memory loss, HBOT will be able to improve cognitive function significantly. For example, there has been a significant development in the quality of life in patients with memory loss, as this allows for the alleviation of pain associated with these injuries, improving life significantly. For example, this can be observed through things such as SPECT imaging, and this shows the significant development of blood flow towards the brain, allowing for these developments and improvements to take place.

Increased Blood Flow

As aforementioned, this therapy is extremely useful in blood flow movement, and this phenomenon has been shown to be significant to the health of the brain, supporting conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Low blood flow has been significantly associated with conditions such as these, and so it naturally makes sense that by improving these functions, you will be able to better regulate these conditions as memory recovers as the transport of oxygen throughout the blood is done more efficiently, leading to the potential alleviation of memory loss conditions, however more research must be conducted to prove the validity of this.

Case Study- Alzheimer’s

Now that we have considered the general improvements that this technique has for conditions such as memory loss whilst briefly mentioning Alzheimer’s, let’s begin to understand this in a much greater depth. Patients have consistently reported an improvement in the metabolism of the brain as associated with this condition. Brain metabolism is extremely useful in the development of things such as concentration which has an extremely positive impact on the formation and retention of memories.

Therefore, it has been shown that HBOT has the potential to improve conditions such as these, due to the increase of blood flow and oxygen in the brain, helping to give off the necessary components of blood to the areas that require it the most.

Therefore, HBOT is extremely useful in combatting conditions such as memory loss, as it helps support the levels of oxygen in the body which significantly improves cerebral function in the process. This is extremely useful in a variety of conditions such as Alzheimer’s where patients with this condition struggle to remember things, and HBOT has been put forward as it may be a potentially viable method to help support the symptoms of this condition, as the increased blood flow associated with this therapy has been proven to be important in helping repair areas, the same can be said for physical brain injuries, where HBOT helps similarly when memory loss is involved.