Electronic commerce and online sales are becoming the salvation of many businesses. At first because consumers could not approach the establishments due to the alarm situation, and after the return to the ‘new normal’ due to the convenience of buying (at any time and from anywhere) and receiving the order at home. Online companies have advantages, such as the possibility of operating without having a physical space (with the savings that this entails), but they do not get rid of unpredictable situations, such as customer complaints.

As in physical stores, to carry out the activity with peace of mind it is better to opt for taking out business insurance.

What insurance does your online store need?                                                                                            

As with home insurance or commercial insurance, it is not mandatory to take out insurance for an online store, but it is highly recommended to be covered against any unforeseen event. These types of businesses must insure the products they sell, to be protected against theft or deterioration of the merchandise; but it is also convenient for them to have the protection of insurance against a customer’s claim. For example, imagine that you sell a cosmetic product that has caused damage to the skin of a client; the risk you run is high. It depends on the products you sell, but in some cases facing compensation for negligence caused by the products sold can lead to the loss of business.

If you do not have a physical store, the most common policies that are contracted in an electronic commerce are civil, exploitation, employer and product liability; as well as legal defense against a possible claim. Look at the types of insurance required for your company.

In addition, there is other additional coverage depending on the needs of the business owner, among which are the theft of the merchandise or the loss of profits due to the drop in sales.

Insure employees and vehicle fleet

Although they do not have a physical store, businesses that sell through the internet on a regular basis need to have staff to prepare the merchandise. The larger establishments also have a fleet of vehicles to carry out the distribution. In these cases, for greater peace of mind, it is convenient to take out ecommerce insurance to protect the well-being of employees, and insurance for company vehicles.

Risks of online stores

One of the main risks of online stores resides in the payment gateway. At the time of purchase, the user has to expose the digits of his credit card, hence the importance of having high protection, which prevents hackers from acting in your electronic commerce. A bad experience can jeopardize the survival of the business.

In these cases, and in the event of any claim, it is better to have the backing of insurance to deal with the claim by the consumer because even if there is no responsibility, the truth is that in the event of a criminal act, the user will directly point to the trade due to security failure.