The designer apartments look great in the pictures: there is a lot of air and light, the colors in the interior are correctly selected. But usually, one counter-question arises: what to do with things you need to store? Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style suggests how to organize the storage of stuff so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, the necessary is always at hand.

Cabinets and shelves are the most common way to store things in the bathroom or the kitchen. But this is not always the best option. For example, it turns out that the distance between the shelves is too large, so it is inconvenient to look through things.

Often, some space is empty and cannot be used. So, usually, the distance between the bathroom set and the wall, behind the cabinets and in other hard-to-reach places, disappears.

Living room

Wardrobes are not often placed in the living room. If there is such a need, it is better to build in the closet and paint its facade in the color of the walls so that a piece of furniture that is too large does not catch the eye.

But racks and shelves can be easily turned into an independent decor items. Let’s say frames of an unusual shape or location will decorate a wall. A metal rack or a designer chest of drawers will attract attention, becoming the center of the interior.

In addition, if there are niches in the room, they should also be used – close with a facade and arrange a wardrobe or hang shelves and put a desk.


The wardrobe in the bedroom can be built-in along with one of the walls or stand behind the door, by the window. Also, make sure the color of the bed sheets Singapore matches the wall as well as the wardrobe!

If the distance between the shelves is too huge, it is easy to fix the containers that fit one on top of the other. For the uppermost frames, baskets or boxes are sometimes used, which are easier to reach.

If space permits, it would be a good idea to install a separate linen chest of drawers at the foot of the bed.

Do you have a lot of stuff? Replace bedside tables with narrow, compact dressers.


There are two shelves in a standard kitchen unit, and part of the space above them is empty. The same is the case with the cabinet under the sink.

Use hanging shelves and baskets to maximize volume.

We recommend installing narrow drawers in small spaces – for example, between the refrigerator and the set, between the wall and the stove.

If the ceilings are high, the space above the wall cabinets is suitable for containers or baskets.

Another option is to order a second row of headsets right under the ceiling for rarely used items.


A wardrobe in the hallway is always a good idea. It is convenient to remove outerwear in it – this will help avoid the feeling of a mess.

But when there is no room for it, a wall hanger comes to the rescue. You shouldn’t be limited only to it. The shelves under the ceiling and above the door will store many valuable items in boxes and baskets.

And a mesh with hooks fixed to the wall will allow you to place small things – from keys and bags to hats and shoes that laces or loops can hang.


Bathroom storage is particularly challenging if you have only 24 inch white bathroom vanity. Usually, this is the smallest room in the apartment. Still, you have to find a place for household chemicals, cosmetics, bath accessories, and towels.

It’s great if you can build in a narrow bathroom vanity cabinet. It is good to hide plumbing and hygienic accessories in it.

A full-wall medicine cabinet with light can be hinged with mirrored facades. Then it will be almost invisible.

Use the space above the toilet – it is usually empty. Still, a wall cabinet or a ladder-hanger will solve this problem.

Tips from bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style

Shelves throughout the wall space. The walls are the most unused area in the house: even where they are partially used, there are always several tens of centimeters under the empty stream.

Install shelves around the perimeter in each room to make use of the ceiling space. It will be possible to place everything you do not use every day but keep in the closet. You will be surprised at how much usable space you managed to free up in your closet.

It is permissible to add a few more to the shelves around the perimeter, scattering them in different places on the walls. Before installing them, draw a plan of their location. Ideally, the brackets should line up graphically against wallpaper or paint Read also about; Jute carpets dubai

The rack does not require complex assembly work and exceptional skills in assembling furniture. Ready-made modules are on sale – from basic ones with two sections to the largest ones with 25. The main advantage of the rack is its variability. It transforms depending on how your needs change. Initially, this is a design without a blank back wall. But the base can always be supplemented with hinged doors, baskets, special spacers, thanks to which a drawer is placed in the section.

Do you have a lot of books?

Arrange the books inside the shelving sections, leaving them pass-through. Need to keep something very personal? Doors installed on one or several areas will protect privacy. Do you need to stack a lot of small items? Please place them in the box and put them in the open section. Do you often wash your floors and are afraid that the frame will swell? Screw the legs to the bottom tier.

Space near heating radiators. Most apartments have modern compact radiators that do not take up much space. We suggest installing small rectangular racks between or next to batteries.

┬áIt is better to hang the lockers at a short distance from the floor – it will be more convenient to do wet cleaning.

It will not be superfluous to add screens for radiators to the shelves. To make the overall furniture composition look perfect, it is worth choosing screens painted with white enamel, most often used in finishing bathroom furniture. Additional clothes hanger in the corner of the room. Even after installing storage shelves on the wall, there is still unused space in the room – the area behind the door. Putting a cabinet is unlikely to work, but there will be enough space for a hanger. It helps store dresses, jackets and other clothes. To keep hanging items out of the way, it’s best to pack them in opaque storage cases with a zip fastener. For complete disguise, match the color of the covers to match the wallpaper. A pegboard, a perforated panel on which brackets are installed, is a valuable tool. You’ve probably seen them in the store – they are hung with various small household goods. Get creative with a bit of paint, and you get a panel that looks organic. And on the balcony, it will be in place.

By installing a board like this in the kitchen, you can hang the many baskets, rods, and hooks designed for this system and store small kitchen utensils on the board.

But this is not the only device for hanging small things on the walls. Instead of a photograph, you can insert a piece of cardboard with a cork sheet glued in a frame with baguette imitation. On such aboard, it will be convenient for the hostess to hang jewelry that she often wears.