You must be thinking that buy vibrators and dildos for women to use? No, you should think again. Imaginative couples are loving bringing vibrators into their sex lives – and enjoying the sensational results!

We suggest that you first familiarize yourself with vibrators and dildos. Discover what you like with your partner Get used to the setting, get comfortable with it yourself before playing with your partner.

Using sex toys alone allows you to focus more on yourself, are comfortable using a vibrator or a buy dildo – and so be more confident with it when you’re with your partner. Even better, you can win over your partner’s confidence by showing them what you like – so that they can make you happy the first time.

Using Dildo with your partner

If your partner is new or unsure of using a dildo, start by having him use it outside of clothing or underwear. Play around, enjoy the journey. Before working slowly move it around the body – thighs, stomach, arms, face slowly – towards your genitals. This will excite your partner

If you too are a little new to this, ask for the same in return.

Oral Sex with Vibrator

You can also use the vibrator for oral sex during a creative – and pretty sensational – couple sex. If she’s already getting oral sex she’s probably already having a great time of it… but put a vibrator in her vagina at the same time she’s being licked and nibbled on…and sure. Believe the combined effect will be breathtaking.

If you are having oral sex with a man, try pressing the vibrator to your cheek as you do so. You’ll be able to feel it – and add to the sensations he was already enjoying it, it could be a great diversion!
Penetrative Sex with Vibrator

Once you add a vibrator or a dildo to your sexual endeavors, you’ll be surprised by how many new ways you can use it. Adding the use of a vibrator to what you’re already doing will create some really enjoyable experiences. This is our promise to you.
You can reach it around with your hand and bring it from her lips to her nipples, through her stomach to the clitoris – and finally bring it back again.

Dildo In The Shower

If you’re not already overwhelmed by the sensual possibilities of a vibrator or a dildo, start doing it. Adults care has tons of great vibrators and dildos that will change your understanding of good clean entertainment forever.
Finish With The Right Way

A vibrator brings an extra dimension to a couple’s sexual pleasure and becomes a delightful part of a loving, physical relationship. If you’re brand new to using vibrators, start slow—no need to rush. Get used to what you like, get used to like your partner, and slowly, start including your vibrating friend in your sex play.