All dogs need a collar because they do require something to hang their license, rabies vaccination tag, leash and ID. There are many styles of collar available in the market making it easy to have one reflecting your dog’s personality. Collar serves the purpose of dogs beyond decoration and identification. Lets know about the importance of dog collar:

Agility Training:

Buying out dog collars has its own importance in dog training. You always require the dog collar to train the dog and fully guide through various obstacles. The dog collar can help the dog master in moving and jumping around the obstacles and strive hard to master the training. In case your dog suffers from issues pertaining to short attention span, the leash allows him to secure attention. 


Even if you have a well-behaved dog, there can be times the unexpected ways can tend to happen even when they are trained for months. For the dog;s safety and people walking along the road you should help your dog with a collar and leash as you never want your dog to run around in traffic while crossing the road. Using the dog’s collar can control the movement and allow them to be more disciplined and protective from various hazardous circumstances


The dog collars are not here for guiding the movement. They also provide vital information about your bet. Identification tags hanging on the dog collars are very important for their safety. If your dog is separated from you, the tag hanging can help someone in bringing him back. The tag hanging around your dog’s neck must include your phone number, address and dog’s name. Try to buy a robust dog collar to sustain for months.

Why to buy dog collars?

It seems quite tempting to take your dog’s collar off while entering the home. But here it is important that your dog wears the collar both inside and outside. Because accidents can occur and your dog needs to be prepared for the same. Just like smoke alarms warn people to protect their family and themselves, the ID tag and collar is a safety device for protecting your pet. Taking the collar off your pet is like taking batteries off from your smoke alarm. 

How can you fit a collar right?

Start with adjusting the collar for the compatibility of your pet and look for a snug fit around the pet’s neck.

Now try to insert your fingers to check the fit between the pet’s neck and collar. Here you should have one finger between the collar for cats and for dogs, two fingers.

Now keep a check that the collar should never slip off his neck.

Once a month, or once a week for puppies and kittens, check your pet’s collar to ensure it still has the proper fit. Check your pet’s collar for signs of wear and tear as well. If it looks like it is getting frayed and may fall apart, drop by Animal Humane Society to purchase a new one. At NeoPaws, we offer top premium products for your loved pets and dogs.