The idea of outsourcing is presented on the basic principles of providing services by tackling a part of the business enterprise. This is mostly when a business fails to meet the demands for rendering all its services effectively. This gave rise to the increasing demand for Outbound and Inbound call center outsourcing.

Even the smallest business will have complicated operations. This needs a certain knowledge and skill to understand its ever-changing ramifications. Though companies usually have all the requirements still it can be quite challenging at times. Outsourcing can be of different kinds based on the requirements of the company.

BPO Services- Types and Functions

A BPO service has many functions but to put them under a certain designation, there are two types that are most recognized. Inbound and Outbound call center. Basically, an Inbound call center literally answers calls from customers and strangers alike. While on the other hand, an Outbound call center makes the calls to potential leads with the purpose of making the business grow.

Customer service, help desk operations, lead generation, indirect marketing, Phone Answering Services, all fall under inbound call center services. For outbound services, there are distinct workloads, such as lead generation and nurturing, direct marketing, advertisement, event management. There can be numerous types of services found in the BPO field.

Key Features Of An Inbound Call Center

Though it’s a diverse service and requires a complex understanding of the matter, there are a few services that have more demand than the other. These services are the most common in the case of outsourcing.

Data Collection

Every business and industrial sector has to collect immense data of the transactions, deals, statistics concerning the business. This data is highly important for analyzing business standings, generating leads, or deciding on the target audience or the target market for that matter. Data marketing services are curated with the aim of documenting these details of a business and maintain it responsibly.


Every business has to have plans for marketing its products and services. This is the general way through which a business primarily targets its audiences. Marketing is basically of two types; direct and indirect. Direct marketing stands for lease diverted or direct approach towards its clients to quickly spread the company’s messages.

B2B lead generation companies have the primary condition of spreading their marketing propaganda through any means necessary. Indirect marketing is the opposite of direct marketing. It takes time in connecting with the audience, letting them take a moment and get back to it only when they prefer.

Customer Service

The most important thing that an Inbound call center is capable of providing is customer service. They are trained and skilled to handle clients and communicate with them in the language or dialect they are comfortable in.

A BPO is an extension of your team in a dignified way. The employees work on your behalf but remotely. This saves you money and offers your business the efficiency that it needs.