Are you worried about your hair loss and seeking a hair loss solution?

Hair transplant it is for sure!

But before taking this step you should know many a things associated with the procedure to have a successful hair transplant.

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Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the selective handpicking of the hair follicles, harvesting of the hair grafts and then their careful transplantation at the recipient site. The donor area commonly selected for hair transplant include back and sides of the head, cheek, beard, axilla and pubic areas. The procedure involves harvesting your own hair from these areas that are selectively chosen for their permanent nature or can say DHT resistance.

The hair transplant procedure is performed using FUT and FUE technique which are different in their way of harvesting the hair grafts. FUT hair transplant include the removal of a strip from the donor area which is then cut further to retrieve individual hair graft and then transplanted at the desired bald area. FUE technique on other hand involves the extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a punch shaped device. After the harvesting of the hair follicles they are transplanted at the recipient bald site.

Important things to know before undergoing hair transplant

It is true that hair transplant is absolutely the perfect way to deal with your baldness and it cures your baldness permanently. But before undergoing hair transplant you should know about many things associated with the hair transplant. Let’s know about them.

  1. Proper understanding of the procedure: It is necessary to understand the procedure because then you can decide better whether you want it or not. Know the facts associated with the procedure and know in and out of the procedure. There are certain myths prevailing regarding the procedure but you should be aware about the real facts so that when you achieve the results you feel satisfied.
  2. Search of the surgeon: When it comes to a surgical procedure it is mandatory to know beforehand that you are under the right hands. The surgeon you are choosing should be highly qualified, experienced, expert and should have artistic sensibility to perform the procedure. These days when on internet every detail is available it has become easy to get the details of the surgeon you are pursuing for hair transplant.
  3. Know the technique of hair transplant: Hair transplant is performed either by FUT or FUE technique. It is very important to know beforehand that which technique is suitable for you. Your surgeon would check the clinical situation and then would suggest you a technique to perform hair transplant.
  4. Know if the procedure is right for you: During the consult, your doctor would check that whether the procedure is suitable for you or not. The examination of scalp, systemic health, donor area inspection and certain lab tests are important to find the feasibility of procedure in every case. For a successful hair transplant it is essential that you choose a surgeon who holistically takes the decisions and genuinely advice you the best suitable treatment.
  5. Know what would be the expected outcomes: Most of the patients over expect from the procedure and fails to accept the reality. The end result is that they don’t stay satisfied with the outcomes. It is very important to ask your surgeon regarding the expectations from the procedure based on your situation.