Currently (2021), there are 2.85 billion active Facebook users. 74% of people use Facebook for professional purposes, according to Hubspot. 90 million small businesses use Facebook as a professional platform. 

86% of B2B marketers frequently use Facebook ads to their advantage. But many B2B businesses are skeptical about it & think Facebook ads are only for B2C brands.

Common misconceptions about Facebook targeting for B2B: 

  • Facebook is not suitable for B2B audiences.
  • The leads are of poor quality.
  • There’s no time to test that platform. 

If you are a B2B business owner, you can definitely use Facebook ads to your advantage. But how do you improve the Facebook targeting for a B2B campaign? That is what we are going to discuss in this blog. 

How to improve Facebook targeting for B2B campaigns?

  • Lead generation at it’s finest

Yes, with Facebook, you can launch a campaign dedicated to increasing lead generation. This campaign type is pre-designed. It can give you soft conversions by adding prospects to your lead nurturing strategy through newsletter signups, registrations (events & more), contests, free trials, coupons, and more. 

Through Facebook lead ads, you can convert users on the platform without ever having to send them to your website. Once they click the CTA button, a form pops up, and the data is already filled up (no typing needed). Just a tap and done. It makes it easier for the user to just sign up without any hassle. 

It’s easy, quick, and the leads are valuable. 

  • Target top-to-mid funnel

Facebook has lower CPMs and a huge audience size. This makes the platform an extremely efficient channel for both awareness & consideration stage marketing. 

If you want to succeed, you might want to resist the temptation to choose the low-funnel conversion path through demos or trial offers, especially for a cold prospective audience. Instead, you can warm your audience right up with a great video or use gated content to get their info and then reward them with a sale or something else. 

  • Use Facebook Pixel to your benefit

While some campaigns can have better results on Facebook itself, some other campaigns do better when they lead to your Facebook Pixel enhanced website. 

Facebook pixel is an amazing analytics tool. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by understanding your target audience’s actions on your website. It can greatly help you tweak your campaign to ensure better traffic. 

  • Lookalikes to your rescue

Facebook has a segmentation tool called “Lookalike Audiences.” You can use it to generate new leads from older/existing leads or customers. This is how you use it. You give Facebook open access to your user data (from custom audiences, website visitors, or page fans), and the platform will find you other users displaying similar online behavior to the existing leads. You can then target this new audience with a dedicated approach. 

  • Multi-step forms to maximize lead conversions

Yes, Facebook lead ads can help convert more of your leads because they remove friction. However, conversion on your own website can give you better control. 

Multi-step forms can significantly increase on-page conversions. They can open up several new options in terms of data handling & lead segmentation. 

Along with increasing conversion rates, they can save you from sending out generic responses and allow you to send relevant, better messages to all your users from your very first email. 

Wrapping Up

It can seem like an unconventional match, but combining Facebook ads with B2B businesses & their audiences can be a great opportunity to reach new customers. 

It is important to remember for B2B marketers that B2B deals take a much longer time to close and are not comparable to B2C deal timings. So, they demand much more focus & attention.

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