Madhubani Paintings is a Cultural Painting of Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. Madhubani is a City In Mithila Region, where this unique art of Painting was Originated. In the style of Madhubani Painting People Use Only Natural Colors like turmeric for Yellow, Rice Flour For White and many more.

What is Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Paintings are now being Loved and featured by all over the world. This Paintings are Specially Take place at the time of festivals and occasions like birth, Marriage and other rituals. This is made on walls of house and floor. The Most passionate thing is people of mithila uses only natural colors created from tree and other grains. You won’t see any synthetic Color in this Painting.

Madhubani Painting Got Its GI (Geographic Indication) tag in year 2007. Now a days popularity of this Traditional art is very high. In this Style of Painting no spaces are left empty, along side with main picture all spaces are filled with Geometrical Patterns.

In this cultural art, Paintings of gods and nature are most common. You can See the most elegant Paintings during the Period of Chhath Puja in every individual house. They decorate their walls and other worship material with the fabulous Divine Paintings. Since Madhubani Paintings are made up of Natural colors it’s easy to remove the paintings from walls.

Madhubani paintings show a great connection between human and nature. They show Paintings from epics like ramayana ,Mahabharatha and the events of these epics. They show Animals, birds sun, moon, trees and a lot of hinduism deities. That Connects society to nature.

This folk paintings achieves very popularity than any other traditional art. A Lot of students are now learning and showing enthusiasm towards the madhubani painting and its techniques. There is a Museum dedicated to madhubani paintings in japan in the region of nigata where more than 1000 madhubani art are available this shows how the people of japan love mithila art form.

Not only in japan it is very famous in Germany, Italy, U.S.A, France. It has a huge number of international loving people. The International Popularity of Mithila Painting started in early 1900s when Britishers brought the madhubani Art form made by Mithila women, they make them do this painting on paper so that they can show its elegance. Thus us how the commercialization and globalization of this folk art happened.

Indian Government is also focused to show its a very unique style of painting to the world. Recently you can see the various railway stations where the walls are painted with this traditional mithila paintings. Train Coaches are now filled with variety of Madhubani painting ideas. Government Authority Buildings, Commercial places are following the same.

Entities and Bodies related to art and Heritage Cultural are now interested in madhubani Paintings. A Number of Research papers, books and blogs have written about the variety and aspects of madhubani paintings by Indian writers along with foreign writers.

If there is any art Exhibitions taking place, Mithila art form will definitely make its presence there. After the commercialization of the art, Now multiple sites are engraving this traditional art form of mithila on canvases, boards and on other stuffs. is one of these firm, where you can buy madhubani paintings engraved on canvas.