E-commerce merchants have unprecedented growth opportunities. Whatever your country of origin, people frequently shop around the world for products and the best deals are hard to find. Your business can take your products before consumers and accept payments for the products and services you want to reach a global audience.

Online payments opened up the world and encouraged economic growth and integration to e-commerce companies. Customers from almost any country of the world have the same easy access on both sides of the globe to products and services as local businesses.

In this ever-growing business community, one crucial component is that your company needs to be in a position to process online payment transactions.

Credit cards are becoming more and more a worldwide payment standard, customers want to use their cards everywhere in the world, and High-Risk Gateway Merchant Services helps you find your industry’s best international merchant account.

Difference between Domestic and  International Merchant Accounts

As regards credit card processing, international businesses have many challenges and advantages which are not generally associated with domestic commercial accounts.

Some of the advantages are instant exchange, a significantly larger customer base and multiple currencies acceptance. The main challenge for international businesses is to detect and reject more fraudulent purchases, which scammers will try. That is why we provide every account with powerful automated fraud detection software.

Key Features of International Merchant Account

Global Presence

The name implies, for local or national companies, domestic accounts. Although the majority of banks are offering paid solutions, all banks can be at the same risk as large international banks. No, the simple reply. This is why traders prefer to use international payment gateway services, as they offer a wider range of motions for monthly sales volumes and financial risk.

Most domestic processors will only sell $25,000 a month, but international PSPs can even offer this volume of $1 million a month. This is not interesting. There are no restrictive, but open, international merchant accounts.

Payment processing multi-monetary with International merchant accounts.

You can find a solution with local banks to accept international cards, but only national currency can be supplied as a processing body.

For example, a local solution can force you to accept payments at British Pounds if you are a UK merchant selling to customers in India. Honestly, cardholders based in India will require a computer to identify INR value. International merchant accounts are preferable because they provide acceptance of local currency using dynamic currency conversions.

Speedy global growth

Businesses can enter new countries and continents with truly global international merchant accounts. When entering new countries, companies must offer cardholders easy payment methods. Cardholders have the same experience as any local eCommerce site with our solution. Customize the color scheme and insert a logo on the hosted payment page by our processing partners.

High rate of success/low rate of decline. 

A majority of the transactions are not carried out if the bins are blocked. If the infrastructure of the payment provider is not robust, the gateway may have downtime, leading to a higher decrease ratio. All factors will have a significant impact, in short, on how many transactions you lose and how many sales you lose. High-Risk Gateway Partners offer a payment gateway with high uptime. It means that no downtime is possible. It reduces the risk of transactions, thereby helping traders to increase sales and profit.

Ways to quickly apply for the International  Merchant Account

In most cases, within 1-2 business days, you will obtain the result or request for pre-approval. The accounts are usually made life in one week. Some big shops with complex structures and different risk elements may take more time. International trading accounts are integrated in a simple and straightforward way. A business dealer needs to complete all necessary data such as business login and processing volume in the merchant application form. A number of KYC documents and the form should also be submitted for verification. International Merchant Account  KYC Documents Includes the next

  • ID Proof for all UBO directors as a passport or a driving license.
  • Up to the previous six months the latest bank account records.
  • SSL certified website for latest records of processing up to the past six months (if you are currently processing or processing previously).
  • Documents for company registration, too.
  • The company’s utility bills.
  • Vacuuming Review the full name of the company
  • You can obtain an approved merchant account within one day after the submission of all documents for international merchant accounts (submitting all required information and KYC documents).

Why approach High-Risk Gateways Merchant Services?

Our international processing team will ensure you are optimized to successfully process transactions from all over the world, be you in high-risk or low-risk industries.

High-Risk Gateways Merchant Services has a high approval rate for almost all businesses generating international e-commerce, multi-currency and high-risk trading accounts, we are able to find a processing bank.

Our strong global relationships enable us to provide competitive prices and leading industry approval through international customer service.

Now, one of the booming industries is the e-commerce market. Due to progress in the digital platform and online services. Now a person can buy goods and services from other countries easily. As a business owner, you must prepare for a reliable platform for eCommerce. You need a payment processing solution for your international companies when it comes to accepting payments online. Getting an International Merchant Account for processing online payments is the best way to uplift your business globally.