iPhone 6 is a very good product of apple. This phone has many new and advanced features for which people will love to use this phone. This phone gives you the best camera, battery life, and storage capacity. The phone will run so smoothly for which many people love to buy this phone. When some parts of this phone get damaged, it is very easy to repair them. But which parts of the iPhone 6 will pair and replace? You have to know about these parts.

Different parts of iPhone 6 to repair and replace

The screen of the iPhone

Whenever you face any problem related to the touch screen, or the screen will be cracked, you can replace the cracked screen with a new one. iPhone screen repair Toronto cost is not so high. You can get it from your nearer apple service center.

The camera of the iPhone

iPhone 6 camera quality is pretty good. If you face any issue related to its camera, you can repair or replace it. iPhone 6 camera replacement is easily done from any third-party service store.

The battery of the iPhone

The battery of the iPhone 6 has a durable life span. If you want to replace the battery, you can be done an iPhone battery replacement Toronto where you get the actual price for the battery.


Many other parts of the iPhone 6 will also be replaceable. You can make all the changes to your iPhone at the iPhone service center or any other local mobile repair center. Before you replace any part of your iPhone, you need to know about the original parts is very much important.