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The rate at which technology changes is incredible, and this rapid change provides more people access to newer products. A perfect example is the computer keyboard. Traditional keyboards were in common use when desktops were the main working machines. This changed with the arrival of portable devices. Laptops and tablets introduced the chiclet-style keyboard which has a smaller footprint and works better for portable devices. These types of keyboards are now also available for desktop use. However, there is a third type of keyboard that is witnessing a huge demand these days, especially among gamers. These are mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards have switches under each key, instead of rubber membranes which are present in most keyboards. These switches provide mechanical keyboards with a better and more satisfying feel on the keypress. These keyboards are perfect for more precise and accurate typing. Gamers also prefer mechanical keyboards because they are faster, more tactile, durable, and customizable.

Iquinix is one of the leading brands offering an excellent selection of premium quality mechanical keyboards. If you are looking for the perfect mechanical keyboard for your typing or gaming needs, they are the best option. The brand offers an amazing range of products, offering different styles and aesthetics at unbeatable prices. When you buy from the online store, use the Iquinix Coupon Code to claim huge discounts on your purchase.

Advantages of Purchasing from Iquinix

The Iquinix online store makes available a wide range of mechanical keyboards available at the most competitive prices online. The company takes great care in the manufacture of every single product available in the store. They utilize the most premium products that provide the keyboards with durability and style. Their products are also available in multiple styles to select from.

Besides performing flawlessly with the popular Windows platform, the keyboards are also fully compatible with macOS. When you order a product, the package also contains Mac replacement keycaps as well. There is wireless as well as wired options to choose from. The wireless version also has a wired mode as well.

The brand provides fast shipping options and completes the processing within 3 business days. The headquarters of the company lies in Shenzen, China. Levan Li is the founder and owner of the company, who started designing his mechanical keyboards in 2014. Since then, the company has become a leader in the industry, offering great designs and high-quality products.

The company also provides free shipping options when your order amount exceeds $60.00. They provide international shipping options to many countries, including Canada, Mexico, the USA, Singapore, and many more. The brand also provides a one-year warranty on all the keyboards available in the store. Also, you get amazing offers by applying the Iquinix Promo Code on your order from the store.

Products available from Iquinix

The brand offers different types of mechanical keyboards at the online store. These include keyboards with multi-mode connections, different designs, and hot-swappable keyboards.

The Iquinix 80 Series Wireless Mechanical Keyboards will let you work remotely without the complication of wires. These keyboards offer a 3-mode connection and offer an 80% layout with 83 keys. They provide a better design aesthetic while keeping the complete functionality of the keyboards. These keyboards also have built-in dynamic RGB effects with 7 modes and 16 million colours. You will be able to connect these boards using USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, as well as the 2.4Ghz USB receiver with its sub-1ms response.

The Hot-Swappable Keyboards enable you to swap out mechanical switches easily and create your custom designs. The keyboards are compatible with all the most popular platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, as well as Android. Iquinix mechanical keyboards have a rechargeable 4000 mAH battery and run for up to 200 days via Bluetooth. They also offer a 60-day backup when you use the 2.4 GHz connection with the backlight off.

Iquinix keyboards use an innovative N-Key Rollover Design which works perfectly to prevent key ghosting and key jamming. The keyboard detects every single keypress immediately which is ideal for fast action-packed games and speed-typing. Their PBT Keycaps ensure the highest levels of durability and comfort. The keycaps also have a textured surface that won’t fade or chip-off even with regular and rough usage. You will be able to adjust the keyboards on 3 different angles, maximizing ergonomic optimization. This helps prevent fatigue and you will feel more stable and comfortable while working or gaming.

Iquinix also offers a Classical Cherry MX Switch which is very popular among general users. Gateron is a new type of switch that is making waves in the market. The keyboards come with an ABD Frame which will prevent jerks and provide a quick response. Additionally, the cable is also detachable for storage and carrying purposes. The brand also provides fantastic deals when you use the Iquinix Discount Code when you shop from the store.


Iquinix is one of the most popular brands globally offering the best mechanical keyboards in the market. They offer multiple types of mechanical keyboards to meet different types of requirements. All products use the finest materials and come with an amazing set of features. The products work flawlessly with all the most popular platforms currently available. They are also available for worldwide shipping as well. The pricing is also highly competitive, compared to competing brands. The online store also provides an option for free shipping when your order amount meets the required criteria.

The brand makes tremendous efforts to ensure that you have an enjoyable shopping experience in the store. There are easy-to-view categories that simplify the process of selecting your product. All keyboards also come with a warranty of up to one year as well. The checkout process is secure and easy. Additionally, the store also accepts all the most popular forms of payment including Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard, VISA, and more. The best part is that you also get marvellous savings by applying the Iquinix Voucher Code on your order from the store.

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