With the advent of the industrial revolution, there are a lot of advancements that go on for better outputs. This has become a necessity for the better given the increase in demand. The rise of populations has put an extra burden on the depleting resources and as a result of the failure, mishaps have become a common occurrence. To further understand the necessity of this, you must have witnessed the technical revolutions that have undergone the power grids and their capacity. However, despite the increase in capacities, there have been constant reports of power grid failures and outages reported. This has significant impacts on the business sector and domestic purposes. Such negative impacts can add on top the worries of the commercial sector and cause huge losses. One solution to this is a generator. A generator is a power source that could be used as a standby generator or for continuous power. 

Various generator types have the potential for power generation. However, some of the types could be more beneficial than the rest if given proper selection criteria. You can get more info on how this works and the differences between the traditional generator and the inverter generator. But first, let us know what is an inverter generator. 

Differences in working of the two types 

The regular generator uses fuel as its power and produces power that isn’t consistent. Rather it produces a harmonically distorted current power that doesn’t suit sensitive devices like laptops and DSLRs. Furthermore, the traditional portable types do not produce clean electricity. This is one of the disadvantages of conventional generators. 

Whereas the modern type generators are known for inversion, from unstable AC to DC that they produce and back to stable AC generators. They produce fewer turbulences and as a result, produce lesser noise. This is one of the advantages of inverter generators. The enhanced discretion over their voltage gives a cutting edge over the established types. Their widespread popularity however could be subjected to the increased amount of electrical energy they produce. This makes them an economical alternative.  

Given below are some of the differences that you might understand and decide on the type of generator that would better suit your needs. Read on to find out. 

Current produced 

As mentioned earlier, a conventional portable generator is known for its messy electricity type. In other words, the traditional generator produces a current that is not stable. It has unstable sine waves that collide and produces harmonic turbulence. Such a current is not suitable for sensitive equipment types like mobile phone processors and PCs. Thus, these types are unsuitable for electrical appliances in households. 

On the other hand, the recent inversion generators are much better alternatives than this. They are known for their more stable better-formatted sine waves. They produce unwavering current and thus could be used for electrical appliances such as personal devices and processors.  They convert the erratic Alternating current back to DC and finally again to AC, the stable one this time. 

The power produced and Fuel Economy 

Well as it is obvious, the inverter generators produce less power than the traditional ones. However, this is due to their volumes and the type of power they produce. Most of the power produced cannot be used for the required purposes which play as a drawback to them rather than an advantage. The power produced by the inverter generators on the other hand is quite economical. In other words, when compared based on the fuel economy, these generators produce more useful power per unit of fuel. This also allows this generator to switch smaller fuel tanks. Although the two types may feel almost similar in types of power produced, the inverter generators are the more preferred choice in the current era. 


As mentioned, traditional generators are much heavier than their recent counterparts. They require more house space requirements and also are noisy as well. Although they might produce slightly higher output than the inverter type, this is satisfactorily nullified by the higher fuel economy given out in the inverter generators. They usually tend to be lighter and compact and easy to handle. This makes them a commodity of value, unlike the other ones that increase hassles of space and eventually tend to be uneconomical. 

Sound levels 

You must have figured this out already. The turbulent sound waves produced in the conventional portable generator makes the equipment produce much higher noise than the inverter generators. In other words, these generators are known to be much efficient and steady power supplier than the alternative. The noise category of the inverter generators comes in comfortable levels which is why they are preferred for big functions.

Cost and Emissions 

When you talk about affordability, the conventional alternatives are cheaper and pocket friendly but at a cost. They do not suit the electrical power needs of sensitive devices like DSLRs and mobiles. Unlike the inverters, their power is not completely utilized. As a result, the costs get utilized in the production o more useful power. The harmonics distortions are the reason for these differences. 

Also, the inverter generators abide by the emission guidelines laid out by governing bodies, due to this advantage, they are the future of the power source. The global pollution levels have forced the existing equipment to limit their emissions, unlink the traditional alternatives. 


The above-said points depict the benefits of the inverter type generators over the conventional types. With the need for power increases and the population is increasing at an alarming rate, these generators are soon to reach their peak. Their advantages make them a must-have at any commercial hub The market studies show their usage reaching its peak value in the near times. Their advantages include easy adaptability clean energy and compact sizes which are the most desired characteristics in any equipment. So if you are to invest your refunds in some generator, make sure your needs of all the adobe given points are satisfied. After all, it is a long term investment you are looking at.