The technology industry is only growing and as can be foreseen computer science and information technology are only to rule the future in every aspect. As a result, a lot of students are motivated to delve into studying and building a career in the field of technology. But there exists confusion regarding the course and programs and the career prospects which they offer in the aftermath.

To a layman, computer science and information technology may appear the same. But to remove complications and confusions governing the minds of the aspirants we can state that these are associated fields but not the same. Generally, the two-field computer science and information technology are grouped under one category or realm at the college or university level. However, each has their area of specialization and differ in terms of career as well.

Computer Science

Let us begin with understanding what a degree in computer science has to offer you. The discipline focuses on the computational theories and applications. Those involved in computer science use algorithms and advanced mathematics, computer scientists invent new ways to manipulate and transfer information. The programs are concerned with acquiring knowledge about software, operating systems and implementation.

Students opting for a degree in computer science learn the fundamentals of different programming languages, linear and discrete mathematics, and software design and development. They delve into the study of the machine itself and try to decipher how and why various computer processes operate the way they do.

Career opportunities in Computer Science

Undoubtedly the scope and applicability of computer science are growing at a fast pace magnifying the employment opportunities globally. Also, the field promises high salaries which also remains one of the primary reasons for a good number of students pursuing a bachelor of computer science programs. If you are pursuing a bachelor of computer science degree or are planning to do so, here are some of the career paths lying ahead for you, application software developer, system engineer, web developer.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a computer science graduate include creating new software and application programs and update the existing hardware and software to increase their efficiency. The graduates with a degree in computer science are responsible to write codes, everything depends on the codes now days starting from computer programs, websites, applications for mobile devices, and other industry-specific systems such as databases, cloud-based storage, artificial intelligence products etc.

Further, the role of computer science graduate will also include installation, configuration, testing, and adaptation of those within a new environment. This is a function that remains constant as programs are needed to be updated, changed, and improved.

Information Technology

It Is the booming sector currently, owing to which bachelor of information technology and courses related to IT are in greater demand. Students opting for IT as their field study network and database design in depth. They are introduced to basic theory and applied mathematics. Further, a bachelor of information technology program equips the students with strong critical thinking skills they learn how to be resourceful and cost-effectively apply the tools at their disposal.

The IT professionals use the existing operating systems, software and applications designed and developed by the computer scientists and engineers to create a networked system to solve various business and other technology-related issues. Thus, we can summarize that IT professionals configure the systems creates by computer scientists.

Career opportunities in Information Technology

Witnessing the current scenario, the career opportunities in IT are expected to multiply faster than the average over the coming decade. However, the job opportunities will depend on the level of education and experience in the field. Some of the popular job roles a bachelor of information technology has to offer along with a sturdy paycheck are – Information Security Analyst; Network Architect; IT support specialist; database administrator; system administrator etc.

Roles and responsibilities

As we are talking about the difference between computer science and information technology, the roles and responsibilities are the best ways to understand how both the areas differ from each other. The IT professionals due to the nature of the job work in close proximity with the businesses and in most cases deal with the clients as well. They are entrusted to Integrate various systems and ensure that the systems are functioning cohesively. This includes databases, networks, clouds, storage drives etc.

The IT professionals are responsible for keeping up with the updates and improving the products as and when required. They are also involved in basic programming; thus, a bachelor of Information technology will offer the training in a simple programming language as compared to the complex ones performed by the computer scientists.

Both the disciplines have distinct yet broad nature and many of the job roles intersect at certain points which is why many universities and colleges offer a degree in computer science and technology combined. The technological space is dominating all other career aspects in the current times along with the best future growth opportunities while promising a great pay scale.

A degree in computer science and information technology includes or any one of the following has indeed many advanced opportunities to offer with those who have interest and skills to delve into the technology and deliver the best results in its application. As mentioned, repeatedly the career outlook in the technological field is on the rise and this is the perfect time to pursue a degree in the field of technology.