IB Curriculum School in Pune

IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which is a new and unique academic curriculum to enhance logic and rational based learning. There are a number of academic curriculums in India like CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE and state boards like (Tamil Nadu board or the Bihar board). But IB is a predilection from our traditional educational curriculum, which serves quality education and ensures the overall development of a child.

The aim of the IB curriculum is not only imparting academic knowledge but also to instill virtues that will help them to develop their cognitive, social, mental, and other essential skills. It is an internationally recognized board which has expanded its roots to more than 140 countries. They strive to cultivate innovative minds who can create a better world in the future and caters to the demand of an evolving world.

Children are the most precious asset of any nation, so it should be the topmost priority to develop their personality in a way that enables them to serve the world with its innovative ideas and intellect. With the emergence of globalization, it has become the need of the hour to keep ourselves updated with everything happening around the world. In order to face the challenges, one must have a strong understanding of global culture. IB offers four programs that aim to teach students to think critically and rationally. It consists of students from ages 3-19 years. They promote independent thinking and raising questions, which are important to achieve mental excellence. Research-based work has a central role to play in their way of teaching. When such things are imbibed among them from a tender age, they develop self-confidence and the ability to take risks. Their skills are polished so that they can master them and achieve great heights in the future. This stops the learning which has been in practice for a very long time where students are made to cram rather than understanding its origin and concepts.

In the IB curriculum, the teacher acts as a facilitator and coax students to think beyond limits and make them come up with different opinions that facilitate the healthy way of debating and discussing rather than becoming a mute spectator. The philosophy is to make them an active learner who is eager to develop a keen interest in diverse fields. There are a number of schools mushrooming in India, which is affiliated with the IB curriculum.

Recent research shows that many parents are enrolling their children in these schools due to their extraordinary features and well designed academic curriculum. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one such school where your child gets an opportunity to explore his or her true personality and passion. They have made a remarkable contribution to meeting our aspirations from a good school. They have a well trained and well-educated staff, which makes this curriculum successful. All students are given individual attention, and adequate steps are taken to bridge their deficit. Besides education, other important activities like music, dance sports, and art are encouraged, which is an integral part of their academics. Classes are designed in a way which doesn’t make it monotonous and consists of activities, experiments and other competition where a child is encouraged to do brainstorming.

Such qualities make MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul to achieve a top-notch position among IB Schools in Pune and meet our expectations of a good school.