We humans strive to fulfill dreams our entire lives. Traditionally and historically, attaining immortality is something man has always wished for. However, despite the best efforts, becoming immortal remains just a wish. Some experts claim that the concept humanly not possible. Dave Davis, a renowned author has penned his thoughts on the same topic in his recent release, The Last Immortal, the second in The Noah Series. The Last Immortal is a great read for those who wish to explore this topic.

The Discussion

Scientists differ as to their beliefs about immortality. Several types of research are being undertaken to explore the possibility of living forever. Consistent research may be required to acquire more data to see if humans can become immortals, perhaps in the distant future. We now have enough research at hand to tell us that some human genes can slow down the aging process.

The concept of immortality is powerful. It’s made its way quite naturally into religion. And into the world of film as well: there is even a Hollywood movie on this that starred Sean Connery and Harrison Ford [NAME?]. The holy grail concept was that the person must drink from the grail to stay alive for centuries.

. Ongoing research has identified the following hurdles to immortality:

  • Preventing diseases,
  • Blocking accidents from harming the body
  • Controlling infactions that lead to death and disability
  • Perfecting human development

Those who wish to live forever also wish to live in a physical state compatible with good health and vigor. This means that the body must function correctly. With age, our body functions begin to deteriorate, a wearing-down process we must avoid if longevity is to be a reality.,.

Slowing Or Stopping the Aging Process

Do humans stand a chance of becoming immortals if they could somehow slow down or stop the aging process? Research suggests that slowing down the aging process is the way forward. It’s a good theory but we have attained only minimal success. We have only found genes that can slow down the process to some degree.


What if the man could somehow reduce or entirely stop time? After all, with time stopped, we can live for long as we want, a theoretical possibility related to the second law of Thermodynamics, stating  that time is like an arrow that moves in one direction only. This creates Entropy which eventually leads to the death of everything that exists in the universe.

On a side note, one of Einstein’s theories states that man will not age if he travels at the speed of light. However, there is little – as yet – evidence to establish this as a fact.


Another thought: How about freezing our bodies until mankind can sort out immortality? This is the process by which the body is kept inside a cryo preservation chamber until medical science has advanced enough to reanimate the person. Current technologies facilitate the process using a vitrification process of the brain. This results in the brain becoming a glass like substance. The cryo preservation process has had its share of criticism for many reasons.

Researcher and neuroscientist Christ of Koch are skeptical about the vitrification of the brain. Could this work? Will the brain be damaged once the body retrieval process begins, and if it does, will it function as it did before freezing?  It is a valid argument and raises some interesting points, however, no human has ever been brought back to life from a frozen state.

One of the biggest hurdles in becoming immortal is this:  mortality and Entropy seems hardwired or programmed into our body cells. There is certainly evidence that achieving immortality can be much more complex than initially anticipated.

The Verdict

So, is immortality a possibility for humans given all the difficulties that scientists and researchers discover?  This is little evidence that suggests it is possible, but strangely, no skeptic is willing to reject the idea of immortality entirely. Available evidence suggests that we are not there yet, and it will take enormous time, research, investment, and technology if humans are to attain immortality in a tangible form.

In contrast to hard science, novelists and poets have created immortality with ease and even some eloquence. Read Dave Davis’ second novel, a brilliant and compelling page-turner.  THE LAST IMMORTAL takes you places you’ve never been before see showing you immortality from another perspective. Get a copy of the book from Amazon, or read more about  The Noah Series.


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