Whenever there is any tooth infection address it immediately. Otherwise it will form perilous and serious infections which are hard to control without treatment. This is the reason maintaining proper oral hygiene is so imperative for every person of every age. Here, we’ll learn about indications of oral infection and its major consequences if early treatment is not sought after. So, let’s begin……

Indications of infected teeth

Indications which will let you know that there is dental infection are:

  • Jaw swelling
  • Swollen neck glands
  • Swelling in gums
  • Teeth sensitivity to extreme cold or hot
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Bitter taste into mouth
  • Bad breath

Is tooth infection fatal?

Proper and daily oral care regime can’t make any minor dental problem fatal. However abscess has the ability to put the patient’s life at risk if it is untreated for a long period of time. Sometimes abscess tooth emerges as secondary or tertiary oral problem as well.

Initially it is only a small oral cavity which you have ignored. Practising oral care  daily and undergo regular oral checkups are highly beneficial to retain the oral health in the long run and detect the abnormality in the initial stage and treat it immediately before it becomes monstrous.

Can dental infection become septic?

Most patients having oral infections are surprised by observing the rate of worsening the infection and affecting overall physical health at the same time. Sepsis is the blood infection which will impact overall body and organs becoming a gnarly and detrimental infection. It has the ability to disable and kill thousands of people by spreading the infection in main bloodstream.

How dental infection result in sepsis?

Oral infection can occur anywhere inside of the mouth- below or within teeth (endodontic), in tongue, cheeks, palate, lips and gums (periodontal). The infection below or within teeth resulted by decay or from broken teeth that influence the pulp to infect.

The pulp comprise of large nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. When there is an infection, harmful bacteria will pave its way to associated tissue or bone leading to the formation of abscess. Severe stage of abscess is regarded as sepsis which can be only treated if diagnosed early to save the life of the patients.

Symptoms of sepsis

Firstly, the patient with sepsis will experience excessively fast heart rate and high fever as these are most typical telltale signs. Over time, you may suffer from breathing difficulty as well. Mottled skin and disorientation are advanced indications that sepsis is increasing its severity in your body. Only initial detection and proper treatment can save your life.

Can brain be affected by dental infection?

Definitely, dental abscess is a life-threatening condition that results in meningitis. As a result, there will be membranes inflammation close to brain and spinal cord. It will occur only when you don’t treat your oral bacterial infection and it transfers to main bloodstream.

Soon, from there it will reach out to brain and spinal cord easily. Remember people having weakened immune system are more likely to suffer from this crucial medical problem.

Associated dangers of tooth infection

If uncontrolled oral or bacterial infection gets spread to throat it will more likely to develop Ludwig’s Angina. This skin infection is quite rare and develops on mouth floor below the tongue. Observation has been made to its development and found to be only after having dental abscess that leads to the formation of pus-filled pocket in tooth’s root.

This problem also accompanies other oral injuries, trauma and infection. But in general, it mainly attacks adults’ mouth than that of the children. Early treatment has the highest chance to recover fully otherwise it will rise to extreme swelling in airway causing suffocation to death. Some notable symptoms are given below:

  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Ear and neck pain
  • Trouble speaking
  • Breathing difficulty

Antibiotics can clear this problem by eliminating the bacteria leading to this issue.

How to treat a dental infection?

In case infected tooth symptoms get noticed, you must see a dentist without any delay. Along other infections, dental infections must be treated on an early basis to alleviate the probability of associated complexities along sepsis. Never delay in seeing a dentist as it will influence the harmful bacteria to transfuse to brain, blood and neck causing severe problems later.

You can continue rinsing the mouth using salt water for easing discomfort and pain. Dental abscess is usually treated by draining pus filled in the pocket, carrying out the root canal and dental extraction. Often usage of antibiotics becomes essential.

Hope, you all have understood the consequences you have to face on neglecting any oral infection in the long run. Whenever you suspect having an infection, visiting a dentist is what recommended the most.

A minor cavity can turn into an abscess later turning out to be any life-threatening condition. You can also visit our site to book your appointment for treating tooth infection or undergoing regular dental check up.