John Deere 5310 tractor appears with modern characteristics which are beneficial for Indian farmers. The engine of this tractor is built with the latest technologies and presents an outstanding performance in applications. The working efficiency of this tractor is excellent, along with increased fuel mileage. This tractor is manufactured as per Indian demand, and that’s why it is versatile and loaded with many unique features. 

John Deere 5310Tractor in India 

John Deere 5310 has a 55 hp cooled engine manufactured with a 3-cylinders engine strengthening the tractor model. The tractor model is designed under the guidance of technical experts who design it with the latest technology. That is why it is a durable and multipurpose tractor that completes various farming operations such as planting, sowing, harrowing, and many more. 

The design and look of the tractor spellbind the farmers. John Deere company understands the needs and demands of the farmers, which is why it delivers this tractor at an affordable price. These facilities make it the favourite of all Indian farmers. 

John Deere 5310 Tractor- Key Features 

  • The John Deere 5310  tractor has a massive 68-litres fuel tank which makes it long-lasting. 
  • It has high PTO power, which helps to handle all the farm implements without any extra effort.
  • The tractor model is robust and quite adequate for powering almost all farm implements. 
  • John Deere tractor manufactured with a coolant-cooled along with overflow reservoir that protects the engine and inner system of the tractor from overheating. 
  • The John Deere5310 tractor price is Rs.7.89 – Rs. 8.50 lakhs*lakhs*  in India.

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