Gurukkal was born in 196O at Vadakara Thazhathangadi in Kozhikode district.

At the age of 8, Sri Ahmed Gurukkal started his Kalari training under the teachings of Sri Kalleri Abubakar Gurukkal who was a disciple of Sri Karuppunni Marakkar Gurukkal who was very famous in Kalari Vidya in the Kadathanadu Region.

Sri Ahmed Gurukkal is one of the forerunners of the varied techniques of Kalaripayattu, which were followed by the Karuppunni Marakkar Gurukkal Lineage.

He learnt different substyles and secrets of the art mainly from his uncle, Kalleri Abubaker Gurukkal and his brothers((Kalleri Mahmud Gurukkal, Kalleri Ibrahim Gurukkal, Uruni Moosa Gurukkal)).

His mastery of learning with his logical thinking in training is a known fact to those who know him directly.

He pursues a variety of techniques, such as Kalam Chavittu, Cheru Kaal Chuvadu & more.

Sri. Ahmed Gurukkal, who settled in Thazhathangadi at Vadakara, is the principal teacher of the Kalleri Abubakar Gurukkal Smaraka Kalari.

Sri. Latheef Gurukkal of thazhathangadi is also a co-teacher.

Sri. Ahmed Gurukkal is as simple as in life & Kalari Abhyasa.
He possesses many disciples who love and practice Kalarividhya from various parts of Kerala.

His major disciples like Abdul Raheem Gurukkal Vadakara, Adnan Gurukkal Vadakara are propagating Kalaripayattu to keep the lineage alive and kicking.

This write up is a tribute to a maestro of Kalaripayattu