Team building activities in Singapore are now considered to be an important component of every organization’s culture. To be successful in today’s world, a company’s culture of collaboration is the first and most important need. When all of the workers join and work together as a team, we can conclude that the company is going on the correct path. As a result, many companies are now putting every effort to bring their teams closer together, and team-building activities play a significant part in this process. You may arrange various team building activities in Singapore, such as egg drop, workplace trivia, escape room, and other activities to bring your teams closer together. However, similar games may also be played with smaller groups of players if necessary.

  1. Exercises that include blind drawing

OBJECTIVE: This activity is a highly popular and successful team building Singapore best suited for small groups of people. It aids in the development of communication, interpretation, and leadership abilities among students.

TOOLS: A pen, a piece of paper, and some photos. An image of the item being described may be stored on the phone to conserve paper.


PARTICIPANTS: Needs a perfect group of two or more people

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLAYING: Divide participants into groups of two and place them back-to-back.

Give one person an image and the other a piece of paper and a pen to work with. Affirmatively request that the person who has the image explain it to their partner without stating what is in the picture. As a result, the person guiding the person with the pen and paper to create the image has more leadership abilities. How she provides instructions will determine how well the “artist” understands and paints the image correctly. It also relies on how well the team members communicate with one another and comprehend and interpret one another’s intentions.

  1. Flip It Over

OBJECTIVE: This activity aims to assist individuals who work in groups in developing problem-solving, creative, and effective communication abilities.

A tarp or a piece of clothes the size of a tablecloth will serve as a tool.


PARTICIPANTS: 6 to 10 people

PLAYING GUIDELINES: This is a creative game of team building Singapore in which you invite a group of 6-10 individuals to cluster together and stand on top of a tarp to play. The difficulty is that they must turn the tarp over while standing on the opposite side of the fabric to complete the task. The only restriction is that they are only permitted to use their feet! They are unable to remove their feet from the cloth or place them on the ground. As a result, the team is forced to develop innovative methods to collaborate and solve the issue without having to leave the sheet of paper. This is a fantastic team-building game in which the players are encouraged to work together to ensure that no one gets off the sheet. This guarantees that, even in non-game situations, everyone in the group is included and held accountable for achieving the ultimate objective of the job.

  1. Team-building exercises with a winner and a loser; winner and loss

This campaign encourages individuals to see things from a positive viewpoint and transform a negative situation into a good learning experience.

OUTFITTING TOOLS: None are needed.


PARTICIPANTS: Requires an ideal group of two or more people

HOW TO PLAY: Winner/loser is a fun ice breaker game that anybody can play. Employees should be divided into groups of two. A bad life event is then shared by one of the team members with their partner after this. Now, the second team member recounts the identical tale, but this time he or she emphasizes the good elements of the encounter.