The common struggle of every parent is to choose between public and private school. Even though public schools do an excellent job of educating children. However, the benefits of private education are incomparable.

Benefits of studying from a Private School 

Low student-teacher ratios are the leading factor that brings teachers and children close, thus enhancing learning, more personal attention and allowing the teachers to know the strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Private schools make a strong effort to involve parents through participation in various kinds of activities and not only that there are frequent meetings and communication. All these things enhance relationships and provide a full education experience to parents. 

The best part of the private school is that it provides a Bilingual education program where students are taught the curriculum content in a target language.  Students learn not only their core subjects in the main language but gain knowledge of the other language as well.  

Private schools are more like a community and less like a typical school. which makes students and parents feel more comfortable, and more passionate about learning. 


It is seen that a person’s success and emotional wellbeing is deeply connected to their childhood experiences.  If we give the right education to our child in the early years, they can thrive in any environment. So it is necessary to provide Montessori Education.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is the popular teaching approach adopted in many preschools and primary schools. The Montessori education approach was founded by Dr Maria Montessori.  

Due to her specialization in pediatric medicine, she was invited to open a school for the children of working-class families in Rome in 1907 which had given her a chance to put her experience, observations into practice.


Casa dei Bambini was a traditional school where she observed the children, organize the classroom to encourage self-discipline and responsibility. Her idea was to follow the child and be their guide and not teacher.

Montessori’s approach was quite different from elementary classrooms and her methods gained the world’s attention and it was approved by many educators which helped her to develop the teaching materials principle and methods,  which is now popularly known as Montessori Education System.

Why is Montessori Education different?


Montessori provides an environment where each element is designed for the development of the child. It has everything according to the children’s height and size, for eg:- lower shelves, tables and chairs etc. Such an environment promotes the child’s independence in the exploring and learning process. 

 Kids choose how they want to spend their day 

In Montessori teachers act as guides, observe and create an environment for kids that is more conducive to learning. Kids pick their activity freely and choose what they want to learn or play.

No Grading and No Test

In Montessori school, grading is handled differently. Teachers don’t place an emphasis on testing academic success instead they encourage students to progress at their own pace in a way that works for them.Montessori education works towards mastery, not a grade, there are no tests so children never feel pressure to perform. 


Benefits of Montessori 

  1. It teaches children to coordinate, concentrate and be independent at a very young age. 
  2. Montessori uses specially designed materials such as sensorial materials to develop a child’s five senses.
  3. Given the support, Montessori children become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners. 
  4. It is seen that early Montessori education improves math, literacy and language.
  5. The motive of Montessori education is to develop an individual who is able to think critically, work collaboratively with the skills that will surely contribute to success in the 21st century.
  6. Enhanced discipline and safety
  7. More exposure to the arts and extracurricular activities

A good Montessori school is one that provides the benefits of a private school and quality education. The goal of Montessori education is to give children opportunities to develop their individual potential and make them responsible, confident and respectful citizens.

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