We talk about the main trends and principles of arranging a suburban area Landscaping is a complex of measures and solutions for the improvement of the territory. Its main task is to create a beautiful, harmonious, and most importantly comfortable space.
Together with the designers, we talk about the main styles and principles of  Landscaping San Antonio design in central Russia.

Do it yourself or turnkey

There are three options for how to make a Landscaping San Antonio design in a suburban area – with your own hands completely, independently according to a sketch of experts, or by handing over the matter to professional landscape designers.

With your own hands

Today, each of us has the Internet at hand – there is information on how to plant a tree and how to grow a tropical fruit. Whole plant care forums and design blogs are easy to find on the web.

“To independently transform a site, you need good taste, vision of proportions, observation and global thinking. A person must see and understand his own territory, its features, the properties of plants. And – to move from the general to the particular. Only by presenting the whole landscape picture, one can proceed to step-by-step actions “, – comments Evgeny Nedoborov, partner of INRE landscape design studio.

However, there is a risk to equip landscape design according to the advice on the Internet and, as a result, not get what you want. Much depends on whether a person correctly imagines the possibilities of his site, since the results are often unexpected. “Designers always know exactly what the final picture will be, and understand what, where, in what proportions and colors it should be. For example, we see: here is a place for a large tree, but here, to complete the picture, it needs to be supported by smaller plants. It is necessary to combine them so that the site looks aesthetically pleasing at any time of the year, “Nedoborov noted.

By design project

The second option for arranging a suburban area is to order a design project, according to which you independently select materials and plant plants with your own hands. The Landscaping San Antonio design project includes:

. preliminary options (sketch concepts) of the site layout;
. master plan of landscaping and planting of greenery (top view to scale);
. dendroplane (shows the location of trees, shrubs and ornamental perennials);
. alignment drawing (shows the shape, size and location of tracks and pads);
. planting drawing (shows the exact location of all planting holes);
. list of planted plants (indicating their height and number);
. balance of the area of ​​the site (shows the ratio and size of the main areas on the site);
. the layout of the lighting elements on the site;
. specification of the main finishing and decorative materials;
. preliminary estimate for materials and work required for the implementation of the project;
. explanatory note to the design project.

It seems the most logical to make a Landscaping San Antonio design according to a ready-made project, but this idea hides many pitfalls. “It will be you who will embody ideas and be responsible for the result. Objectively, this task is almost impossible. We do not plant a meter-sized pine tree so that it will grow in ten years. We make a picture right away, that is, initially we take adults, large trees. Planting such a large size is physically difficult, ”Nedoborov explained.

Here, in any case, you need to involve someone from the outside, the expert advises. He explained that if after a year or two the plant dies (and this, alas, happens with an illiterate approach), the responsibility will fall on those who were engaged in planting.

Landscaping San Antonio styles

The style of landscape design should be selected in accordance with where the site is located. For example, if it is in a forest, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make a classic design with curly trimmed bushes, a smooth lawn and fountains. Let’s take a look at a few styles that are great for mid-lane landscaping.


The classical style is characterized by strict symmetry and geometrically regular forms in the layout of the site, such as in Peterhof or in the Versailles Park. Therefore, it is better to choose a similar design for large areas. The main features of the classic style:

. straight alleys;
. strict forms of flower beds, trees and reservoirs;
. fountains in the center of the site;
. forged benches;
. wooden pergolas;
. arches.