With the introduction of money, there have been different level improvements, which brought it value. To utilize it effectively, the banking system came in with a lot of procedures. While in the meantime, like the improvements in the other sector, the banking system also became digitized. In a manner eliminating paperwork, online banking, money transferring capabilities, account management, and others was eased. Paypal like App was a reason for the success of the business. This also gave the entrepreneur to explore a similar field with their Paypal Clone. 

In this P2P payment app, it’s important to be secured, safe, and easy to function. At INORU, we help you build a user-friendly Paypal Clone app. Our white label solution gives you the ability to design your App at ease conveniently and, more importantly, with increased functionality. 

Features And Functionality To Infuse In Your Paypal Clone App

The Paypal clone developed at INORU influxes improved and many advanced features to ease the performance and functionality of your business. 

Account Setup

The user can sign up in the App via these features, using their email or phone number. And following which personal information will be fed in.

Two Factor Authentication

To secure the App, payments and restrict others from using the App, The two-factor verification helps the user connect their account. A unique pin can be set up, or a phone lock can be integrated. 

Integrated Bank accounts

The user feeds in the bank details to access their bank account and to ease the transactions. The account number, contact details, bank name, branch, IFSC code, etc., are all curated. Any number of bank accounts can be synced in the App with the same phone number.

In-app wallet

This in-app wallet is an additional function, helping the user to ration on their spending. Instead of emptying their bank account, the users can split the amount and spend accordingly. 

Send payments

The main functionality of the App is to transfer funds seamlessly anytime. With the receiver’s information on the other end, the user can send the amount from their account to the others via this feature. 


Apart from making in-app transactions, it can be integrated with other shopping apps to ease and make payments for online shopping, food ordering, and other delivery services.

In-voice generation

At the end of every transaction, the user can create an invoice listing the transaction details exactly and precisely. 

Payment History

The payments made and received can be all collected together in a sector to analyze the users’ income and spending accordingly. 

In-app messaging 

To ease communication, the user can chat via the App to other fellow users. 

QR scanner

While making external payments in stores, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc., the user can scan the vendor code and make payment via the App instead of using your card. 

Contact synchronisation

This feature helps the user identify the receiver from their contact easily and make seamless payments and transactions. 

Pop notification

Information on the App, rewards, deals, offers, etc., can be instantly notified to the user through the pop-up notification option. 

Final verdict

And many other functionalities can be seamlessly added to your Payment app. With all these functionalities, the App can vitalize to earn increased revenue for your business. So what more, Get started with your Paypal Clone app now with INORU and emerge as the successful proprietor shining in the global business market.