Do you know that every year 10 to 20 hurricanes hit the United States of America? There can be high winds, flooding, tornado, heavy rain, storm, etc. due to the hurricane. These hurricanes generally cause severe damage to the house, cars, roads, and other constructions. So, these days, people are installing hurricane impact doors and windows at their houses. 

Special features of the hurricane impact doors

These hurricane impact doors are generally used for protecting the house and the people inside that house. Believe it or not, the hurricane impact doors are much stronger than standard glass windows. Here, between the panes of glass, you will find some polymer layer. These hurricane-resistant windows use some special frames as well. These frames are either made with vinyl or aluminum. Though these hurricane windows are pretty strong, they can increase your construction cost at any time. 

Different types of hurricane impact doors

  • French door- You can get hurricane-proof doors in form of swing doors or French doors as well. These doors feature stainless steel hinges along with some multi-point concealed locking systems. These hurricane-proof doors allow plenty of light to come inside the house. These weather-stripped doors feature wood grain and a painted finish. 
  • Sliding door- These days, one can get Oriel sash options with sliding doors as well. Depending on your choice you can get from 2 to 8 panels for sliding impact doors. You can place these doors for your home entrance, backyard, patio, etc. 
  • Garage door- Today, the door manufacturers are making aesthetically pleasing garage doors that are hurricane-proof. These ensure maximized security and functionality. You can call in any in-house technician to install these hurricane-resistant garage doors. These garage doors are easy to access, and they are pretty affordable as well. These garage doors provide an appealing look to your home. These doors can tolerate heavy impacts caused by nature and man. 
  • Commercial- The commercial hurricane-proof windows are capable of tolerating high impacts at any time. These durable hurricane-resistant doors are built with tough materials. These commercial hurricane impact doors are approved by all homeowners’ associations. These commercial doors are capable of withstanding large and small missile impacts as well.

You can choose any of the aforementioned hurricane impact doors for your house if you are living in Florida. To keep yourself safe against tropical storms and hurricanes, you should get impact entry doors South Florida. These hurricane impact doors will provide a clean and modern look to your house.