An interesting premium device from Lenovo shouldn’t be missed – The Lenovo Yoga S940 is the flagship Lenovo laptop comprehended with a set of powerful features. The keyboard and battery life, although might disappoint you when you compare the result with its price point. The overall performance of the Yoga suffices greatly for multitasking and heavy operations.  

The Yoga S940-14IIL strikes the audience with its attractive clamshell design and UHD 4K display that should lead creative users to the excitement. This laptop is a good productive sport with its AI software approach that terms to be useful privacy. 

While most of the users need utmost productivity from their laptops, the Lenovo Yoga S940 proves to be a productive beast. The high price of this Lenovo Laptop justifies the HDR high-quality screen, with a small-form-factor build and ultra-portability. The software equipment acts like icing on the cake as well, but you can point out the expense for some minor downfalls. 

 The Look & Build 

At first, you will be delighted of the fact that Lenovo Yoga is the lightest and thinnest laptops in the tech market.  It weighs around 1.2 kg and the thinness of this laptop is around 12.2mm, which makes it incredibly slim to hold. You can move with it without even feeling that you are carrying around a laptop. Of course, the lightweight makes it an ultra-portable and small laptop. 

Coming to the design, the laptop is built with a clamshell metal design that is protective and solid enough to handle knocks and bumps. The aluminum body gives the surface a sleek, tidy, and textured look, making its overall appearance appealing. No doubt, the build of the laptop is indeed one of the spectacular features of this Lenovo Yoga laptop. 


Everything you need from a powerful laptop is equipped in the Lenovo Yoga S940. From a high-powered Intel Core i7 processor to the 16GB massive RAM and solid-state drive storage, the S940 is a powerful beast. You can count on this laptop for runny hefty files and programs or multitasking around intense software. The fusion of the latest core i7 and SSD makes sure to go over the board for highly intensive tasks like using programming software or working on multimedia projects. Let’s say if you have to simultaneously go around several files and work on a heavy application as well, this laptop amends entirely. 

The graphics surprisingly are not dedicated, in fact, we get the usual Intel Integrated graphics which are fine. But, for the expensive price-factor, we must say that dedicated graphics could have been a better option. However, the immaculate display complies with that. 


The 4k fantasy is loved by any of those who are creative or productive enough to be on their digital screens all day long. The Lenovo Yoga S940 packs an Ultra HD 4K Resolution screen with 3840 x 2160 pixels. The 14-inch display is small, and the tiny bezels make it look wider, so you can enjoy a big view even on a reduced screen. 

Initially, the display of this laptop gives excellent first impressions. The sRGB color gamut coverage is 99.7% that identifies the screen colors will be vivid and bright. With that, the contrast ratio can be seen as 1247:1 with great black levels. The maximum brightness you can view at this display is around 434 nits which are good under bright sunlight. 


The battery life of the Lenovo Yoga S940 turns out really good, and even better if you aren’t using a 4k Panel. With its 65W charger, not only you can charge it with double speed, but the overall capacity also exceeds half of the 24-hour span. If you are using a 4k OLED version, the battery will last around 6 to 7 hours. However, in other conditions, your laptop may last around 14 to 15 hours to its maximum depending on your usage. 


 In a broad spectrum, the Lenovo Yoga S940 is a powerfully equipped laptop with every mandatory feature requirement. The premium budget, however, should have included the NVIDIA graphics instead of the regular Integrated graphics. The other major features like the Intel Core i7 processor and a massive RAM and SSD combo make it a solid device. You wouldn’t be quite frustrated with any features excluding the GPU, which depends on your priority. You can overview and check out this Lenovo laptop for yourself directly from the Five Tech Official UK store.