“In-play” or “in-running” betting has taken online sportsbooks by storm. Almost every online betting site now offers a “live” section with streaming video or audio. Our pick for live cricket betting is deltin77 cricket offerings or deltin77‘s in-play cricket markets.

 Live cricket betting allows bets to be made while a game is in progress. No other sport is better suited to betting in real-time than cricket. What makes in-play cricket betting most exciting is the gentle pace of play coupled with a great variety of markets. Whether you are betting on T20 or a test match, these options lend themselves perfectly to the game. Live betting is a fun and simple way to keep up with your favorite teams and biggest matches while cashing in at the tellers. With IPL betting in full swing, you can make the most out of it by placing the right bets.


In-Play betting is one of the most exciting things to do if you are interested in cricket betting. You can follow a cricket game live and place your bets according to the situations as the game’s events unfold. There are several wagering options available to cricket bettors.

Cricket betting websites also provide live streaming to a number of matches. This makes it easier for people to place wagers on cricket matches. In-play betting on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches is extremely popular among avid cricket bettors. Betting sites take the experience to a new and exciting level by providing several great betting markets to choose from. You won’t find yourself short on betting options, especially when IPL is being played. Place a cricket bet live ondeltin77  with some exciting betting markets already out.


Following the coin toss to open a cricket match, players take their positions on the field. That’s when the thrill of live cricket betting begins. A new display of in-game betting options becomes available as the first batsman steps up to the crease. Batsman Runs offer the chance to bet on the total (over/under) number of runs that will be scored by the lineup’s leadoff player.

With each consequent ball bowled, there is another option to predict and wager on how many runs will be scored off it. Another in-play cricket betting market is how many runs will be scored in the first “X” overs. The bettor is free to choose both the number of runs and overs. There’s also an option to wager on how many wickets will be lost before a certain number of runs are scored, among others listed here:

Live Moneyline Odds

Betting on cricket matches using moneyline odds means you only have to correctly predict which team will win the game outright.

Against The Spread: Live Handicap Betting

Cricket betting against the spread allows bettors to wager on set lines rather than fixed-odds surrounding the outcome of events in a match. Available ATS markets include team runs, runs, win index, and supremacy. For example, when you place a team runs bet against the spread, the selected side must win by a certain number of runs, or lose by less than the listed amount.

Live Prop Betting

In cricket betting props, you can wager on more unique aspects of the match instead of the usual online cricket satta. Popular prop betting markets include who will win the toss, top team batsman/bowler, Man of the Match, total number of 6s in the match, among others.

Live Player Betting

Like prop betting, there are plenty of profits to be made in cricket with the player betting markets. You can bet on a particular player’s performance in any given match. For example, in a T20 match between India and Australia, sportsbooks will offer betting odds on whether batsman Virat Kohli will score over or under 40 runs, among other exciting offerings.