Personnel lifts, which are also known in the industry as equipments are designed for working safely at high elevated positions and are essential requirements in construction and maintenance related operations. A variety of these access equipments like knuckle booms, straight booms, scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts etc. are now available for hiring and widely used in many different sectors.


The primary purpose of access equipments is to get a person safely to an elevated work position reaching where otherwise would have been pretty difficult and risky too. The different types of personnel lifts are designed specifically for safely approaching spots those are hard to reach and trick angles for performing any kind of activity. Let us give a brief introduction of different types of access equipments that you will find available with your Local Personnel Lift Hire Company.

  • Personal Lifts: These are also known as vertical lifts or man lifts. These self propelled lifts can be easily push around for installation and maintenance of elevated fixtures and are widely used in commercial establishments and shopping centers and malls.
  • Scissor Lifts: Scissor Lifts are built for almost all conditions and do also come with a large work platform which makes them suitable for different kinds of job at various industries. Both diesel and electric powered scissor lifts are available for hire and their elf leveling and manual functions make scissor lifts a very popular choice.
  • Booms: Just like the scissor lifts, different types of booms are also there for hiring like straight booms. Knuckle booms. Trailer mounted booms etc. Straight booms can reach the maximum elevation while knuckle booms, with their unique construction design are more suitable for reaching tight angles or accessing work spots above or around some obstruction. Trailer mounted booms can be easily towed from one place to another with the help of some other vehicle and is widely used in the firming sector for purposes like tree lopping, pruning etc. They can be used with equal efficiency in urban settings too.

Why it is better to hire then buy?

Access equipments like lifts and boom are large and expensive equipments and hiring them from a Boom lift hire Parramatta is probably a better choice than buying unless you require them regularly. These big bulky machines do occupy a considerable storage space, require regular maintenance and also trained operators to handle those with safety and efficiency. If you get it hired from a local access equipment hiring company you not only save yourself from making a big investment but also get the job safely done by trained and experienced operators.

How to hire

Hiring access equipments is simple and easy for there a many a company those offer a wide range of lifts and booms to their clients for rent against reasonable prices. You can visit their website anytime to find the range of equipments available with them and select one to hire as per your requirements. If you are not sure about which type of equipment will be right for your job, you can give them a call and they will guide you expertly in selection.