Loft Guru specialized in loft conversion. The team aims to provide services on your doorsill. Giving facility of loft conversions St Albans to bank on your house safe and comfy where you can relax.

Loft conversions are the best option when you need more space in your home. It’s a way to add space in your home without any extension of your home footmark. Most people who are living in crowded urban sights especially St Albans were finding a new space is tough. They go for an attic conversion to add on some space to their home without facing the trouble of extending the landscape of the house. Adopting the technique you can avoid the conventional-issue of a two-story extension that is not allowed by the local planning rules and also make financial sense.

Loft Guru deals only in building loft conversions. Marketing in one product means the team has a high command of creating lofts, rather than dealing in general projects. Vending only in loft conversion makes us deliver high-quality work while taking care of every client’s demand.

Types of loft conversion we offer

Loft conversions are the best when it comes to extending space in your house within a budget-friendly process. A loft conversion can picture keeping in view your demand where you want it.

You can also choose the type according to the local planning requirements that go with both your need and your financial status.


Velux loft conversion is the minimal change you can make on your rooftop. It’s a process of creating loft conversion without planning or taking permission from the local planners.

How a Velux Loft Conversion is processed?

The Velux Loft Conversion is created by fixing a Velux shape window on the side of the sloped roof.

Is it necessary to change the window shape?

A Velux loft conversion can be done in a room without making any changes to the roof.

Is it cheaper than other loft conversions?

Yes, it’s the cheaper loft conversion where you have a lot of options for selecting windows.

Is building a Velux loft conversion is time-consuming?

No, these conversions are easy to build within a limited time and are also within your budget.

For which type of roof the Velux loft conversion is best?

It is essential to have sufficient height in your attic for the conversion. Otherwise, there will be no further headspace.

Are there some cons of the conversion?

Yes, all the things have both pros and cons. The conversion might create some stroppy angles beneath the roof where the floor is not in working order.

Do these cons always ruin the work?

If you have some specific requirements the conversion may not go right. But you can avoid it by taking some proper measurements.


One of the most common types of loft conversions is dormer conversion. This is the type which most people adopt to extend space or make their house-wide and airy. Another reason is that it doesn’t give a stubborn sense. That may look like an obligatory addition to your house.

What is the process of creating a dormer loft conversion?

The company installs Dormer boxes to the roof of your house that provides air and light in the room through windows. And a little more to the headroom where the Dormer gets connected with the roof.

Why is a Dormer loft conversion used?

The dormer loft conversion is basically the extended structure that is built to stick out with the existing slope of the roof. It is because it makes the space more usable and the room becomes larger and airy.

Is the Velux loft conversion & Dormer loft conversion the same?

The Dormer loft conversion may include the Velux windows but the light comes from the dormer.

Does the dormer loft conversion change the external structure of the house?

Yes, fixing a dormer box onto the window may change the exterior appearance of the house. They can be constructed in different styles and materials to make your house look good.

How long does it take to build a dormer loft conversion?

The dormer loft conversion is fast built time. It usually takes 4 and a half weeks.

Does the dormer loft conversion cheap?

Yes, this loft is cheaper than two Mansard & Hip to Gable loft conversions.


Hip to Gable loft conversion is mostly adopted by the owners of detached or semi-detached houses. Mainly this loft conversion extends the property or area of the house by replacing a sloped roof with a vertical wall.

How the process of the conversion occurs?

In the conversion, the ends of the existing roof are braked and the slanted walls are converted into vertical walls.

How does the company calculate the expenditure for the conversion?

The calculation is made based on the volume of roofs that includes the height and depth of the roof. It also includes the distance of the ridge to the eaves of the plan.


When you are demanding a large space or wanting an addition that makes increase the space of the room you prefer to build a Mansard roof. The conversion involves the large addition to the roofs that make the cross-section interior and gives a square shape room. Loft Guru deals only in building loft conversions

How does the company do the conversion?

The conversion opens one or more sides of the roof and does the accumulation of two walls in the place.

How long does the conversion take?

It may take longer than the other conversions.

Is it expensive?

Yes, the Mansard Loft Conversion is more expensive as compared to others.

Why do people prefer Mansard conversion?

Those who want a larger room space go for this conversion.

What is the drawback of the conversion?

You need to take permission from the authority.

Is it needed to plan for the loft conversion?

If you are going for Velux & Dormer loft conversion without adding any restrictions you can simply adopt the permitted development. Which means you do not do any planning or apply for permission.

However, if you prefer to build a Mansard loft conversion you need to go through the planned route.