The logotype, commonly known as a logo, represents the visual identity of your company. It reflects your image and appears on all your communication media: business cards, letterhead, presentation brochure, website, etc.
To be effective, it must be recognizable and memorable to your interlocutors and ensure your identity. For this, the logo design must be neat and thoughtful in order to mark the spirits and ensure a lasting image.
Whether it is for the creation of a first logo or to develop your current logo, it is essential to go through several stages.


1. Discussion and analysis

Step 1 of creating a logo
The first step is to get to know each other. To start, we will establish a portrait of your structure, by answering simple questions: who are you, who you are addressing, what values are specific to your organization, what message do you want to convey, who are your competitors, etc.
All these questions will allow us to get to know you better and to determine where to go when creating your logo design company.
We will also take into account your tastes in terms of colors, style and ambiance.
Analyzing your competitors is also important, we will compare their way of communicating in order to think of a way to differentiate yourself and stand out.

2. Research and creation

Graphic research
Then comes the stage of reflection and graphic research.
The logo consists of one or more typographies selected according to the desired style (handwritten, with or without serifs, in capitals, etc.). The size and weight of these fonts are chosen to accentuate the desired impact. The typographies can be reworked to further personalize the look of the logo.

For a better understanding, it is common to associate a symbol or an icon with the name of the entity. This graphic element will help in the identification and memorization of the company.
The logo can also be accompanied by a slogan or baseline to summarize the activity of the structure.
Before we can offer you a logo, we will work on several graphic tracks, which we will eliminate or improve, in order to be able to submit you thoughtful and successful proposals.
We start by sketching out ideas to then transcribe them on professional software, specialized in vector graphics creation.
This step requires time and many trials in terms of visual elements, colors, typography and positioning.

3. Proposals and adjustments

Adjustments for your logo
When our research is successful, we submit several proposals to you. The logos offered are accompanied by an explanatory text making it possible to understand the reflection carried out upstream to achieve this result.
We then discuss your impressions and make changes and adjustments, until the logo is validated.

4. Variations

Variation of the logo on different media
After validation of the logo, we proceed to the drafting of the graphic charter. This document gathers the rules to be respected as for the use of the logo, to maintain uniformity in all your communication. It includes the color codes used, the typographies, the alignments and the advice for a consistent use of your logo.
We then prepare the layout and graphics of your stationery documents: business card, letterhead, correspondence card, envelope, and signature. Designing uniform communication will make it easier to buy in and remember your business, while exuding a professional image.

5. Delivery

Delivery of your logo
We then deliver the logo to you in different formats suitable for web and printing, in color and grayscale.
For example for the web, you will probably need the .svg or .png format to handle transparency. While for printing, you may need an .eps file to enlarge your logo at will.
The graphic charter will also be provided to you, to allow you to communicate in a uniform manner on all your media.