A water purifier is one of the essential kitchen or home appliances that you can buy. It plays a very vital role in keeping you safe from waterborne diseases. Imagine the health problems you’ll have to face by drinking contaminated water for years. This is precisely why you should consider buying a good quality water purifier, and price should be one of the various considerations while buying. Read on to determine why pricing is an important consideration and how multiple factors can affect this pricing.

Water purifier price in India can vary based on different factors, determining the quality of this appliance. So, the price is a critical consideration that gives a good idea of what to expect. If you are thinking of buying one but are confused about water purifier prices in India, here are some a few that you should be considering-

Technology Used-

Different water purifiers use different kinds of purification technologies. The water purifier price also varies accordingly. RO purifiers are the most expensive of all, followed by UV purifiers and lastlyUF purifiers. However, if you want to get the best of all, it would be wise to invest in next-gen purifiers that come integrated with RO, UV, and UF purification technologies along with a TDS controller.


The price also depends on the storage capacity of the water purifiers. The smaller models with 5L storage capacity cost significantly lesser than those with 10L storage capacity. Choose the right water purifier for your requirements, depending on your family size.


The water purifier prices in India also vary a lot depending on the features available. Purifiers with convenience features like filter change alarm/indicator, digital display of performance and purity, detachable storage tank, and in-tank UV disinfection are costlier than the basic models. So, decide what your priorities are and choose a model accordingly.

Considering the vast difference that India’s water purifier prices can make, it’s always wise to consider price as a vital consideration.