What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a type of assisted reproductive technology that involves retrieving eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with the retrieved male sperms. IVF process includes ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer, and implantation into the uterus. After performing these steps successfully a positive embryo is formed.

About Aurawomen

Aurawomen is one of the fastest-growing fertility service provider agencies in India. We have worked with the world’s best fertility centers. These fertility centers are equipped with the latest technology and helped those infertile couples who want their own biological baby. We offer our services especially for infertile couples, LGBT, or other couples with medical conditions. Our motive is to provide the best fertility services for intended parents or individuals. We have our latest technology to determine the best healthiest and genetically strong Embryo. Services offered by Aurawomen include IVF, Surrogacy, IUI, ICSI, TESA, MESA, PGS, PGD, Egg donor. We use our expertise to provide our best fertility centers as per your location and budget. Once you reach us out at Aurawomen then it’s our responsibility to help you in completing your parenthood dream.

Aurawomen helped those parents who are not able to conceive a baby due to any Fertility issue. We provide IVF, Surrogacy, IUI, ICSI Treatments. Embryo freezing, Fertility checkups, and other fertility treatments. We have our center not just in India but also in Cyprus, Kenya, the USA, Prague, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Low-Cost of IVF Treatment Mumbai

Aurawomen comes with the best solution where you can get involved in the low-cost IVF treatment in Mumbai with a high success rate. It is no doubt a very complicated process and too many steps are involved in it. Depending upon the infertility of the couple, the test tube cost In Mumbai differs from center to center.

Aurawomen can help you in getting affordable IVF treatment for approximately 1 lakh to 2 lakh, this is inclusive of medicines, treatment, and disposables. The medication alone costs around 50k to 70k in Mumbai. We ensure to provide the best medications and medical equipment available in the market and focus on serving our peoples with honesty and compassion. For two IVF cycles, the cost goes about 3 lakhs. Also, the package depends on the availability of extra embryos for freezing and the second cycle is carried out within 5 months of freezing the embryos.​

Top IVF Centres in Mumbai

1.Saraogi Hospital & IRIS IVF Centre, Mumbai

Saraogi is one of the top clinics for IVF treatment in Mumbai. Here you will get the best gynecological, endoscopic, obstetric, and infertility treatments. Our IRIS center offers the most affordable IVF cost in Mumbai with flexible payment offers. The hospital has a separate dedicated department for the fertility segment named IRIS IVF center. Here in this center, you will get all the advanced technologies or treatments for fertility. Saraogi Hospital provides professional medical treatment for expectant women and their babies. It offers specialized maternity services to under-skilled and competent doctors who monitor mothers and babies during pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery.

2. Nova IVF Fertility Center, Mumbai

Nova IVF Fertility provides the highest standard of services. Patients are offered a personalized treatment approach with counseling facilities and constant support from their medical team. Their team comprises dedicated gynecologists, infertility specialists, andrologist and other staff who secures a successful male and female fertility treatment. We believe that with our constant effort and commitment we have finally been able to hit one of the smallest milestones in creating tiny footprints at the heart of every couple by assisting them to experience the smoothest parenthood they deserve.

Top IVF Specialist in Mumbai

Dr. Mohit R. Saraogi

Dr. Mohit Saraogi is one of the best fertility specialists in Mumbai. He has specializations in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and Clinical Embryology with over 13 years of experience in the field of IVF treatment. Along with IVF, he is experienced in other fertility treatments like IUI, ICSI, and IMSI. Dr. Mohit Saraogi can deliver a success rate of over 45% for IVF treatment, which is above average. For his achievements in the field of fertility, he was honored with the prestigious Best IVF specialist in India (2018-19) award. He is also a member of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India.

Dr. Richa Jagtap

Dr. Richa Jagtap graduated with distinction in OBG and pursued post-graduation in JJ Group of Hospital and Grant Medical College, topping her college and second merit holder in Mumbai University. She has been instrumental in the development of SOP, Fertility Software, and training of personnel as well as setting up start-up IVF centers. Her focus has been on ultrasound, fertility medicine, and genetic studies in infertile couples. She is a life member of FOGSI and ISAR and a founder member of the Fertility Preservation Society of India. She is on the Ethics Committee for Nova Group of IVF centers. She has contributed chapters and articles on fertility-related issues in reputed publications and has been featuring in media to increase awareness about ethical fertility management.

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