So, you need a parking lot perfect for all kind of vehicles. While designing a parking lot, you need to consider various factors and discuss them with your car park design services Melbourne. But what are these factors?

Read ahead and see for yourself! 

What is the purpose of your parking lot?

Before you start designing the parking lot with experts, figure out its purpose, first. Various factors are related to the purpose of your parking lot. Whether you need a retail parking lot or want to hold the everyday truckload of shipment, big sized items, machinery, etc. In both cases, the design of the parking lot will be different. So before you get started with the design, figure out the motive of your parking lot.  

Do you homework: Space & Size

There could be subtle variation in commercial parking lot dimensions, which may be different in different cities depending on the government standards.  To do the right math, you need to follow the below steps:

  • The number of spaces required
  • The size of the parking lot
  • The complete accessibility requirements 

Make a perfect flow of the parking design guidelines 

Numerous factors are involved while creating a flow of the parking lot design guidelines.  Some of these factors may include traffic direction, providing the right space where you want a safe & optimized system. While doing all of this, don’t forget about pedestrian traffic. 

Car Park Management Services


Efficiency of space 

Signs for traffic 

Painted asphalt marking   

Concrete barriers for parking 

Keep security & Safety on the top

Your car park management services Melbourne must consider the safety and security of people on the top. It’s crucial to control traffic all the time, but there are many other things a well:

Access ramps

Drainage system

Lighting design 

Some other factors to consider

When talking about construction safety of your parking lot, it is crucial to acknowledge various other factors as well. These factors can beautify the parking lot and provide professionalism with the implementation of various practical functions. 

Barrier gates

Design of the landscape 

Urgency call station      

Asphalt maintenance solutions for a long run

Long-term care and maintenance are the two vital aspects of your parking lot design. It’s obvious that a parking lot can wear over time, and if not well protected, one might face true consequences of Mother Nature wrath.  However, with the right care, it’s possible to make your parking lot as durable as possible. You can coat your lot with asphalt and make it stand to various natural disasters. 

To ensure that your safeguard your parking lot, consider various natural factors such as water, wind, UV ray, oil dropping, pollution, etc. For that, you need a strong seal coating. Besides, if you notice any issue in any area, addressing them quickly is the best way to prevent the hazards in present and future. 

The major wear and tear signs may include:


Colour Fading

Cracks on the floor and in the walls 


So what are you waiting for?

Consider all these factors and share them with your car park design services in Melbourne.