Kosher travel can go worse without an easy availability of kosher food. It is very important to make sure that wherever you are going, kosher food (food prepare with strict Jews dietary guidelines). If kosher food or kosher restaurant is not available nearby, then what you will be going to eat?

Usually, people grab cans of tuna and spend the whole day with these cans. But, it will not work for most people. It will spoil your vacation mood. Here, in this article, I want to share some tips that will help you during kosher travel:

  • Pack Some Non-Perishables Items

You should travel with some non-perishable kosher items that you can eat during your flying journey. It will be an addition to your plan on eating during your journey. But, you should not carry too many food items in your luggage that other things inside it get spoiled. Some examples of non-perishable food items that you can have instantly are flavored instant kosher soups, instant noodles, snacks, etc. You should also carry flour tortilla wraps in place of the sandwich. They will not take much space in your luggage. They are delicious and capable to make you feel full.

  • Pack Some Perishables Items

Most people make travel plans for the whole week, ending with Shabbat. It means the travelers need enough food that lasts for eight days. Thus, we recommend you carry one picnic bag with you. Make sure that this picnic bag is properly lined and insulated. You can fill this bag with frozen meat such as flank steak, chicken breast, hotdogs, cold cuts, etc. First of all, put the freezer pack inside the plastic bags. If you are packing frozen meat and also filling the bag with a freezer pack, these perishable items would be edible for a long.

  • Condiments

You should carry condiments with you such as mayonnaise, soy sauce, olive oil, honey, and ketchup. You should carry these in small size plastic bottles. You should carry all these items with you for making marinades and sandwiches. Make sure that you carry various numbers of plastic bags. During kosher travel, if you get access to the microwave, you can easily cook anything wrapped in plastic bags.

  • Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are kosher food items and they can be easily accessible anywhere you travel. During the time of breakfast, you can have fresh fruits and vegetables. During the time of lunch, you can have salads and couscous. As you are carrying plenty of plastic bags, therefore, you can use them for storing couscous and salads. During the time of dinner, you can have meat that you have packed in a picnic bag. You should grill the meal along with the fresh vegetables. You can use the flank steak or chicken breast for making sandwiches. In addition to this, you also need to make arrangements for grape juice or wine.

  • Travel With Tea Lights

If you are going for Shabbat, you should carry tea lights with you for Shabbat lighting. You should not forget to find the lighting time by using the calendar. Also, you should travel with grape juice or wine. As your luggage will be checked at the airport, therefore, you should carry glasses. You should pour wine or grape juice in plastic water bottles. You should put these plastic bottles in plastic bags to prevent your clothes from spills. For Shabbat, you also need challah. It is recommended to purchase small rolls that are easy to carry and refrigerate. Make sure that you carry at least three challahs with you.

  • Precooked Food In Aluminum Pans

During the flight journey, sharp knives, peelers, and flatware are not allowed. You can buy disposable items, but they might not be helpful for you. Thus, you should look for another option. One of the best ways to ensure kosher food availability is pre-cooked food in double-wrapped foil. You can easily put this wrapped food inside the oven. If you have access to an oven, you can easily re-heat your food. In addition to this, there are various other kosher food options that you can carry with you. There are some kosher food items packing available with self-heating elements. Make sure if you are using these kinds of food on the plane then the plane crew is aware of it. It is so because some of these food items create smoke. These kinds of food items are great backups during the time of kosher travel.

  • Passover Programs

If you want to enjoy your vacation without any problem with kosher food availability, you should contact tour operators of Passover programs. These tour operators will ensure the easy availability of kosher food during the entire Passover vacation.