Do you want to be able to clean effectively without having to raise a lot of weight? If that’s the case, a compact handheld vacuum cleaner is a great option. A small, portable vacuum cleaner is always preferable than a large, cumbersome one. Because they can easily move about and spot dust where upright vacuum cleaners can’t, handheld vacuum cleaners are the best choice for cleaning the interior of your car or just clearing webs from the ceiling. They can be used to eliminate dust particles from both inside and outside the house. The best choice is “Geek Schoner A11- Bagless Dry Vacuum Cleaner”.

The vacuum cleaners in the Geek range brand are of remarkable quality and performance. The Geek Schoner A11 bagless vacuum cleaner offers a powerful 1400W motor with a strong suction of 27kPa. With a detachable 2L dust box, the bagless vacuum eliminates the need to dispose of and replace dust bags. Cleaning will no longer be a difficult task with the versatile attachments – crevice nozzle, floor & carpet brush, and furniture nozzle.

  • EXTREME POWER – The Geek Schoner A11 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is designed with a powerful 1400W extreme cyclonic motor that separates dust from air, maximises air movement, and achieves a 27 kPa strong suction of the finest and hardest dust particles.
  • WHF TECNO – The WHF TECNO is equipped with an H12 HEPA filter that can be easily washed and dried. Geek Schoner A11′ s 5-stage filtration seals in all dust gathered and prevents dust from being released into the air.
  • BAGLESS – The days of replacing dust bags are long gone. We provide a huge 2L removable dust canister to trap dust and grime, so you may go bagless. With just one touch of the dust release button, you may enjoy hygienic disposal.
  • SIMPLE OPERATIONS – It’s as simple as that. Start your vacuum routine by pressing the ON/OFF button once, and then adjust the required suction power from least to maximum to suit your cleaning demands.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS – It does clean not only just the tiles, wood and marble floors but also carpet, floor mat along with hard to reach slabs, windows, walls, sofa, curtains, kitchen slab, furniture, bed with Schoner Vacuum Cleaner.
  • ATTACHMENTS – The Geek Schoner A11 comes with other attachments in addition to the dual-purpose floor/carpet brush. A crevice nozzle for collecting dust from windows and walls, as well as a furniture nozzle for cleaning your furniture, are included in the package.

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