Massey Ferguson is a leading and globally known tractor brand, manufactured a wide range of tractors. Massey Ferguson 245 DI Tractor is one of them. The tractor model is made by the experts of the Massey Ferguson brand and built with the latest technology. The Massey tractor is equipped with advanced features, making it powerful and durable for farming. 


Massey 245 is a 50 hp tractor that is suitable for large area farming applications. As Massey brand is very well known about the need and recruitments of Indian farmers and also it thoroughly knows about the Indian fields. By viewing these points, a company made tractors that ensure high productivity, and Massey 245 is the best example. This is the reason that the tractor is equipped with a robust engine and advanced features. A Massey tractor can easily handle all the adverse farming, soil, weather and field conditions. It can quickly cultivate crops such as Rabi, Kharif and Zaid crops. Also, it handles rugged surfaces of Indian areas. The Massey 245 tractor price is low and makes it cost-effective for all.  


Is Massey Ferguson 245 DI The Best Tractor? 


Yes, Massey Ferguson 245 is the best tractor in India, which is undoubtedly a synonym of durability. The tractor is versatile and durable for farmers due to its innovative features, some of which are shown below. 


  • Massey tractor has the best engine loaded with 3-cylinders and has 2700 CC, generating 1790 RPM. 
  • The tractor model has a sliding mesh dual-clutch which provides smooth functioning and hassle-free riding. 
  • It comes with a relevant gearbox loaded with 8 forward & 2 reverse gears. Also, it has a 34.2 kmph forward speed and 15.6 kmph reverse speed. 
  • The Massey tractor is equipped with Sealed dry disc brakes, which protect tractor operators from significant accidents. 
  • The brakes of the tractor provide a high grip and avoid slippage. 
  • Massey tractor price is Rs. 6.50-7.10 lakhs*. 

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